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More on Maine

Writing about the Wing estate (yesterday) made me think about my three years in Maine. I also lived in the woods in Prospect, near Fort Knox, in a house known as Idiot's Point, with an outhouse, a wood stove, cold running water, & one giant window that let in all the winter cold. I lived in a big old white clapboard house on the Castine Road in West Penobscot. I lived in a rooming house in Ellsworth. I lived in a cabin way back in the woods in Lemoine, one of the very few places I ever lived that was smaller than where I live now. I lived in a shack on Flying Moose Mountain in East Holden & had to snowshoe in during the winter. I am very likely forgetting another stop or two along the way.

Now everyone I knew is pretty much dead or moved away, & I haven't been to visit in probably 15 years.
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