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E Nauen, Economist

I was going to the 6th floor to do editing for a health guide, but this is the pass they spit out.

I have had two economist jobs in the past: at the University of North Carolina in the graduate economics department & for Pace University, I forget doing what, beyond looking up numbers in the Municipal Building. I was more qualified for these jobs than for many I've done, having taken a semester of economics in high school from Mr. Tom Lemonds. He had us "invest." An excerpt from my diary of that time:

In econ for our stock market project, Nils and I have so far made $5.05. I guess that’s not so much compared to the $1000 Ken made, but it’s satisfying.  Read More 
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I Heart Johnny

Johnny looked at everything in the store (J. Antonio's on Avenue A) & chose this. His taste has become mine. Or maybe it's that my taste has become his. In any event, he was pleased with what he chose & so am I. It's partly titanium. He is too.
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Monday Quote

I have been reading a lot of the poetry of Philip Larkin lately. "Traumerei" is one of many that I like. It's been a long day & week & I have miles to go so I'm not going to say more about him or this poem now. Enjoy.

Träumerei  Read More 
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I heart my neighborhood (#1955)

"That's my childhood!" I called to the guy parking this station wagon, which turned out to belong to Jim from Long Island, around my age or a little younger.

I stopped & chatted, showed him the photo that's the cover of "Snowbound," me with some '50s cars like this one. He liked that I appreciated his car & offered to take a picture.

I love New York!  Read More 
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Citizen II

Yesterday my sister, nephew & I were handed certificates of German naturalization by Herr Roland Pohl, at a champagne reception at the German embassy. On behalf of Germany, he took responsibility for the atrocities and welcomed us back as full German citizens. Every one of you who accepts helps heal the wound, he said, & invited us to explore our new status. I expect the meaning to reveal itself over time, as getting married did.

Ahead of time, I had imagined an informal "here ya go" amusement & that our party at the Bierhaus was the main event. After, the party, while festive, was nothing special, and this ceremony was a huge & moving deal.

My dad loved being German & I am convinced with all my heart that he would approve both of me taking this step & the actions of the German government.  Read More 
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Pootie Tang

I do a lot of editing for social justice organizations, which are always trying to "shift the narrative" and get people to be less racist etcetera etcetera. One article I worked on recently was by someone who referred to herself as "serv[ing] as an unapologetic arbiter of authenticity." That makes me wonder about  Read More 
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Randomly thinking of the great Bootsy Collins & how much I love this clip of him singing "Cool Jerk."
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What will it take?

Luckily he is a friend of a friend, not my own friend, who claims every criticism of anything to do with tRump is "fake news." Every single comment he posts contains it: "fake news." It's tedious & makes me wonder what would have to happen to change this man's mind.

I have wondered this before about myself, in similar contexts. For example:  Read More 
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Monday Quote

By the year 2020, the year of perfect vision, the old will outnumber the young.
—Maggie Kuhn

Remember Maggie Kuhn? She founded the Gray Panthers back in 1970, when she was forced to retire because she turned the then-mandatory retirement age of 65. The Gray Panthers became known for fighting ageism, claiming that "old people and women constitute America's biggest untapped and undervalued human energy source."

Kuhn also said: Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind—even if your voice shakes.

I just ordered her autobiography, No Stone Unturned.  Read More 
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I said it's my....

I'm 9 years old on my birthday.

The rest of the year I'm whatever age goes with the calendar.
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