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Pretty corny

I'm from a corn-growing state, home of the Corn Palace, and I'm a sucker for everything corn. Eating it: goes without saying. Knickknacks of every sort: bring 'em on. Puns? 'fraid so.


I can't go on. (That's a good thing, right?)

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I had never even heard of these animals, mammals also called scaly anteaters. There are 4 Asian & 4 African species, and they are highly endangered due to poaching. They are considered a delicacy by people in China & other parts of Asia, and the scales (which are nothing more than keratin, like our nails) are used in potions. One variety runs on its hind legs like tiny T Rexes. They are adorable and it is disgusting that tens of thousands are being killed, like the ortolans in France, for human ego. Also, the ecology of the areas where they live will change for the worse without enough of these animals, which control the ant and termite populations.  Read More 
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Some of us.
Man, I just love my cousins! I like them too. There were close to 50 of us—from NY, California, Seattle, Florida, & Minnesota—together in St Paul this weekend for my niece Rachel's wedding. How'd we get so lucky? No drunks, no pills, & we all have similar kind-hearted politics. One cousin-trait-in-common is that we all  Read More 
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St. Paul wall

Here's what I bought at Ingebretsen's:
* Lutefisk & Lefse lip balm
* Magnetic poetry kit in Norwegian" "over 500 ord med høy ladning ("with high charge"). Slipp følelsene løs, her har du ord ("go texas with these words!")
* A plaque that reads "what part of lutefisk don't you understand?"
* A couple of "uff da" greeting cards.

I didn't buy  Read More 
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Minnesota, here we come

We'll be in St. Paul through Sunday for my niece's wedding. I'll try to post but may not get the chance as I'll be spending the weekend with 49 cousins, all of whom I adore.
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The Mighty Up

My Jawbone UP (same idea as a FitBit) is shaping up to be pretty cool. I like keeping track, in general (can you tell I'm an accountant's daughter?). My new mantra is "you manage what you measure." The UP is helping me get a better idea of how much exercise & sleep I get. (More sleep & less exercise than I'd thought.)

My favorite feature  Read More 
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The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who love office supplies and those who don't. My cheapest pleasure is spending an hour at Muji, which has wonderful & inexpensive pens & notebooks. I found a weekly planner that will replace my monthly whiteboard: this way I can keep track of previous and upcoming appointments, not just the current month's. Will it change my life? I feel like it will.  Read More 
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Lucky Chick

Saw a terrific short one-person show last night, Lucky Chick, written & performed by Felicity Seidel (a friend of Maggie's). She reveals her wild youth without bragging, humble-bragging, apologizing, repudiating, or analyzing.

As the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir's underage girlfriend & simultaneously a big drug-dealer's girlfriend, she walked what seems now (& I'm sure to many people then) like a pretty dangerous line.

But she came out on the other side intact, not to mention smart & good-humored.

Closes Wednesday—see it if you can!  Read More 
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Falling down

So many interesting things have crossed my field of vision lately but I haven't managed to write them down. That in itself is interesting to me: Why? Why not? But not very interesting to write about.

But that seems to be the best I can do today.
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What we do

Filling station & garage, Pie Town, New Mexico.
How did people lounge before there were cars to lean on? Maybe the problems in the world today stem from the fact that there are computers inside our automobiles instead of engines (so to speak). Instead of pondering & fooling around & scratching our heads, our cars are sent for diagnostics. Nothing there we can fix.

We used to have leisure built into our lives: We had to wait on line, we had to wait  Read More 
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