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From the vault

I bought this dress to impress an old boyfriend. It worked but scared him off even more. I wore it to my brother's wedding in 1985, where several of his Minnesota colleagues took one look at me & said, "You're the sister from New York." You can't tell in this photo but my hair was dyed to match the bridesmaid dresses (I was an usherette), maroon over calico.

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Car 54, Where Are You?

Look who's sick. 


My dad liked this show & I remember watching it in the early 60s. I wonder if seeing its homey NYC neighborhoods planted my desire to come here. The Bronx of Car 54 is much like the neighborhood I settled in, a shabby world of small buildings & neighbors.


The show is dumb but often funny, with some sophisticated themes & moments. A Ninotchka knockoff, for example. It's also somewhat topical, starting with the theme song ("Kruschev's due at Idlewild"). Naturally there's a lot of mugging, especially by Fred Gwynne, but he & Joe E. Ross have genuine affection. 


Guest starts included Molly Picon, Maureen Stapleton, Heywood Hale Broun, Simon (Bullitt) Oakland, Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano (or was it Rocky Graziano?), Hugh Downs, among others. Nipsey Russell is on the force, without much to do. 

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In the neighborhood

On the Bowery. The words underneath: "Transform our world with creative response."


I run into Alisa, Ola, Ashley. Do I only know people whose names start with vowels?


I have a frustrating conversation with the checkout person at New Yorkers supermarket. She charges me $1.34 each for yogurts that are 3 for $4. I point out that she owes me 2¢. No! She divides $4 by 3 to prove that they each cost $1.33333333333. Yes, but that's not what you charged me—instead, multiply $1.34 by 3. She looks at the result $4.02 & shrugs. She gives me $10 in singles so I insist on the two pennies I'm owed. She still doesn't believe me but takes them out of a little dish. I think about getting the manager involved, not because of the money but because of the math that she doesn't understand. "Give it up!" I want to say. "I was a math star for Mineola Prep!"

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Monday Quote

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. 

~ Arthur C. Clarke


This reminds me of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, where Calvin asks his dad how the load limit is determined for a bridge they're crossing. They send heavier & heavier trucks over it till the bridge collapses, his dad explains. Then they weigh the truck & rebuild the bridge. (It is easy enough to find the actual cartoon.)

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On the roof

We've had visitors! Visitors with spray cans! This is just one of the new messages & pictures. There's also "Rivington Skol" & a big red vaguely ominous blob, maybe with eyes? I dig 'em! 


It's cleaner than I've ever seen it up there, too. It used to be I would pick up bottles, syringes & broken bricks, & try to find a ledge that wasn't disgusting to sit on. But it's nice these days. 

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In the neighborhood

The 0.192-acre Peretz Square is no square but a strip, a slice, a sliver. It's across the street from me but in all these years I never knew anything about it. I have just learned that it's not Perez but Peretz, not named after a Puerto Rican luminary, but Polish-born, Yiddish-speaking playright & poet I.L. Peretz, who never lived in the U.S. and I don't think ever even visited. So odd that he is honored here. The French author Georges Perec was a distant relative. 

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Cool Brooklyn

too clever by half? oy! 

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Monday Quote: Brooklyn

Not far from the Brooklyn museum, on Washington Street. 

The higher we climb, the farther we see. 


Although I think it says "further," thus not limiting the possibilities to physical views. 

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Gratuler Syttende Mai!

Can’t hold those Vikings back!

It’s Norwegian Constitution Day, so here’s a flashback to my wonderful trip last summer. 205 years of independance from Sweden.

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Little cat feet

I love taking photos of this handsome being. 

Helplessly in love, I am. Buster is the purringest cat of all time. He purrs when I pet him, when he thinks I'm about to feed him, while he's eating, when I pass by. It's constant & loud & loving. Amazing to have such a bond with a nonhuman person. 

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