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America's pinkest city

I love when my hometown shows up in the news (at least when it's for beauty not some crazy dingbat move by a senator or state rep).

This article talks about Sioux quartzite, a very hard, reddish stone. My high school & many important downtown buildings, along with some of the fancy late 19th-century homes on Prairie & Duluth avenues, are made of Sioux quartzite, so it never seemed that special because so ubiquitous. Beautiful, for sure, but how was I to know it wasn't like this everywhere?  Read More 
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The end of the automobile?

I know it's sentimental to love the car, I know it's better to go electric, but it is beyond sad that cars will one day soon be nothing more than transportation. The glamour & romance of the road will be gone. Maybe it already is?

It's been a while since what was under the hood was exciting. It's all computers, & now it'll be batteries, & one day we won't even be driving. Future generations will no doubt be appalled at how primitive our way of getting around was, & those Jaguars & Minis & Packards & all the rest of the real-steel wonders will be historical wonders but not something so beautiful & fast they make you cry.  Read More 
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The most glorious Pound

Someone graced our foyer with this display.

The book is The Most Glorious Crown: The Story of America's Triple Crown Thoroughbreds from Sir Barton to Affirmed.

It's been there for several days.
Which despite the landlord's nuttiness is what is so great about the Pound.

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The usual

The first time anyone asked me if I wanted the usual, it wasn't even mine. I was working for the poet James Schuyler & every day would go around the corner from the Chelsea Hotel where he lived to a diner on 8th Ave & get him a BLT. Nonetheless, I was excited to recognized as a regular.

The best time was one year when I was going to a lot of  Read More 
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Around the corner II

Here's another part of the trailer-shed.

There's the key, so maybe I should just go in & find out what this is all about. It's been there for years & has never moved. I half-think someone lives there & has somehow managed to park there without getting a ticket.
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Around the corner

Reason #42,216 to love my block. There's a shed (or trailer) around the corner on 1st St that gets repainted frequently, maybe weekly. I have never seen anyone going in or out of the shed, & only once seen people doing the artwork. I have no idea what it's all about. The most recent iteration has 2 elements I like.  Read More 
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Agony's liquor

Spring Street, New York City.
Great old—old without being dated—sign, palimpsest of Italian Soho. Before it was Soho.

* Anthony = Agony courtesy of Robyn Ryan, who knows some heavy drinkers!
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So mysterious. What is a "possible electrical condition"? What is an electrical condition? Is it a little bit sexy?

This was in front of my building when I left this morning. I went in the store to ask my landlord.

It's nothing, he said, it's resolved. Something that was supposed to be less than a 1 was a 1.

This is typical of Mike. He doesn't want to share information & he will never admit he doesn't know something or that anything is wrong. You wanting to know pretty much guarantees he won't tell you.  Read More 
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Tomatoes on a plate

Tomatoes are the best thing about summer. Juicy, sweet, on toasted bread with mayonnaise & sometimes a little cheese. I could live on them the whole season.
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Foliage on 4th St

It makes me happy when something escapes a well-tended block & gets wild. It makes me happy that no one from the bank felt an obligation to trim this. Maybe banks like wild growth.
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