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Louise Nevelson

Fireworks for Halloween. (Not her title.)
Never was crazy about her sculptures but this drawing is terrific. The picture is b&w, mostly black. (The blue is a reflection from a window behind me.)

Not connected, but VOTE. We have a week to make it happen.

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As I was saying, I'm out of sorts, my thin so skin anyone can look in (if they want to see me). So today I'm irked by this:

I've noticed a few people, in response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, say something like  Read More 
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Monday Quote

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.
~ Isaac Asimov

I'm trying to be good-humored about being given unsolicited (& non-relevant) advice. It's amazing that people you barely know feel free to tell you what they decide is your problem (in this case inaccurately) & what you "should"  Read More 
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Buster soothes all ills

No matter how messed up everything is—& it is—I feel better when I watch Buster sleep, eat, run like a madman through the house, stare at invisible mice, rough up his catnip toys, purr the minute food hoves into sight. Today was a good day for having Buster in my life. (And others! Johnny, for one, has an entirely different set of adorable activities.) Read More 
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Big baby

It's just one little tooth.
Why does he have to drill 99 holes in my head?
It's not a root canal.
Why am I so exhausted?
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Full moon

Last night's full moon (& Jadina's gorgeous photo) made me think of going to see Joan Baez at the outdoor amphitheater Red Rocks in Denver in I'm guessing 1972. I think we went because we'd heard Bob Dylan was going to show up as much as to see her. I remember her laughing about having been a soprano, & it's true her voice had settled a little by then (she was all of 31). Each row in turn gasped as the giant full moon rose behind her, until she stopped & asked what was going on.

Bob Dylan didn't show.

The only other time I went to Red Rocks was to see the teenage guru Maharaj Ji. For fun & out of curiosity. Someone I met later was envious & said that once I'd been in his presence, I would eventually accept him as my guru. Still waitin'.  Read More 
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The Brainard Museum

One of my favorites of the dozen—dozens?—we have in our house of the great artist Joe Brainard. It's fun to have people come over to look at them because then I look at them again. Johnny just put up another 2 or 3, which is also fun.

Suddenly I love art again.
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Monday Quote

Ed's grand home Wyncote, Northfield, MA, where many of the visiting poets stayed.
If you're willing to fail interestingly, you're likely to succeed interestingly.
~ Edward Albee

Part of what I liked about the Pioneer Valley Poetry Festival this weekend was how experimental the poets were, in their own ways & in many directions. No one played it safe & for the most part I think you could say that they succeeded interestingly.

Also, many conversations, new friends & Ed Foster's tender care made it a wonderful time.  Read More 
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Don't worry

My corner.
"Don't worry: everything is going to be amazing" is what the sign says.

I'm off to Amherst, MA, for a few days to listen to & read poetry & get to know the Pioneer Valley.
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"Made in India. Dump no waste! Drains to waterways."
This was near Bowery and 6th St. It looks like it's been there a while but I don't remember noticing it before, & I certainly never took a picture. I especially like the stamped fish.

It would be fun if people could pay for random useful signs like this—a little money-maker for the city & a little ego tickle to see your name in bronze.  Read More 
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