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Thank you, Duo

Not hard to understand how I've learned so much Norwegian from Duolingo, is it, not when you see this sort of helpful hint. 

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Jeg snakte norsk

I climbed a mountain, bought a lue (watch cap) AND spoke Norwegian
It was thrilling to actually speak Norwegian. I was happy that I felt little hesitation in trying. The reactions:
* An immediate switch to English. This was usually in a situation where the person didn't have time or interest in a slow conversation, such as in a restaurant.
* A surprised expression. You speak Norwegian? often followed by: WHY? From a utilitarian point of view there's no reason: I didn't mean anyone who didn't have serviceable or better English. I would say because I fell in love with your language, which didn't change their minds but made them happy, I think.
* No reaction, just a response to whatever I had asked. Whenever that happened, which it did fairly often, I was gratified.

Duolingo gave me grammar & vocabulary, Pimsleur the confidence to open my mouth. My wonderful friends there were patient, helpful & spoke slowly enough that I could manage.

Now I have to figure out how to keep having conversations in the States.  Read More 
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60% fluent in Spanish

I just completed my second Duolingo "tree," this one tainted by them rolling out a whole new system of points & lessons. So far I find it extremely annoying—they claim it adds complexity, but the dozen lessons I did were mostly variants of the same words & sentences, over & over. Maybe in the more difficult lessons, they do add on, but I was hoping to rattle through the earliest ones, maybe even test out (no longer an option). The timed lesson,  Read More 
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Language learning

I love DuoLingo, the language-learning app. I randomly started learning Norwegian last year, which fascinates me intensely and has introduced me to some wonderful Norwegian friends & poets. I have also dabbled in Spanish, French & Italian on DuoLingo. Now I've started on German, & I must say, my ear is sharper there than in any other  Read More 
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Croeso i'r Cymraeg

If I were home, I'd post a picture of the Welsh love spoon my Auntie May gave us when we got married.
Dych chi eisiau afal neu lemon?*

Eich bod yn synnu fy mod yn siarad eich iaith mor dda!**

DuoLingo launched their Welsh course this afternoon & I was one of the first people to sign up. I already know the days of the week & some greetings, although the words are pretty mushy in my mouth.

I remember going to visit  Read More 
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