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Through the Windshield

Loving Mike DeCapite's Through the Windshield. Mike's the bard of Cleveland, Walt Whitman crossed with Raymond Chandler. I can't imagine too many writers making gritty Cleveland seem romantic. Or beautiful: "It was a windy day and so bright the wind had a shine to it." He's funny, too, & there's lots of music playing while the protagonist, a taxi driver, drinks, gambles, mopes & observes.

Also, I finally found (well, Johnny did) the 3rd volume of Anthony Powell's Dance to the Music of Time, which has been lost in our house for the last 2 years. Read More 
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Our People

My friend Rebecca (aka Beckota—we're both from South Dakota; I'm Eldak) and I like to go to movies. We like old, costume & period. We always seem to sit with people reading soft bits of newspaper with magnifying glasses and guarding old popcorn boxes: Our People.

Today we saw John Boorman's Queen & Country  Read More 
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Nothing like taking a karate class to streamline my mind. Having been away, discouraged by the cold weather, injured slightly but enough to avoid fighting—all of that sapped me, made me feel decrepit. But a good general class yesterday & fight class today, & I feel terrific. Even tho I got knocked on my ass—literally—by a  Read More 
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Hey look!

The new me! Do I look smart?
I got new glasses today for the first time since I was working in New Jersey, a job I quit in 1993.

Well, got fired from. As is the Way of the Magazine.

Those glasses I bought in the 1980s, in fact, and without looking at myself in the frames. I never liked them & anyway, they'd been out of style since the 1880s.  Read More 
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My new shoes!
When was the last time I bought shoes that weren't Fluevogs? I want comfortable, inconspicuous (black) walking shoes that don't make me look clubfooted. Harder than I expected to find 'em.

Update: I couldn't find anything at all like I thought I wanted, ended up buying slip-on Naots. They look a lot better than this picture (which I didn't even take). Read More 
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More about Minnesota

Ducks in the hotel
I'm here for my nephew's bar mitzvah, which was yesterday. He was wonderful—smart, poised, & his Torah chanting was excellent. Lots of relatives came, from California, Washington state, Arizona, North Dakota—we sure do like being together. Plenty of activities but time to hang out, lay about, see my friends, eat at a really good restaurant (Public) & imagine living across the street. Nice hotel (Embassy Suites) with a room as big as my apartment & a real breakfast. Too cold. Home tonight. Read More 
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Summer in winter

Sunken garden
Unpleasant cold in Minnesota improved by spending an afternoon in the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory with my old friend Janet, her husband, Bob, & Johnny. Lots of orchids, a tropical section, bonsai. And a sloth! I guess I was too excited to take its picture, which in any event looked like a wedge of hair on a branch. The lady said when the guy who fed it came, the sloth would recognize his voice and "hurry" down for its meal. We also saw an anaconda. Unfolded, it's around 20 feet long. Another immobile critter. I guess that's why they were part of a garden. Read More 
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Pet peeve VI: Broke is broke—poor is something else

When I was in my 20s I often said I was poor. After all, I was living on $15 a week, hitchhiking everywhere, eating abandoned commodity foods like kasha & powdered milk. I wasn't complaining: I loved getting by on very little, the feeling that my needs would always be met because they were so moderate.

And then I realized that I wasn't poor.  Read More 
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Yep, again

I have to say (& repeat & say again): I love my birthday.

I love seeing the date FEBRUARY 18 on a newspaper or even in my computer's top bar. I love telling people & their little spark of pleasure in sharing my day. I love the spontaneous: a little gift at a shop where I was picking something up, and the planned: a nice Catalan lunch with my man. I love all the well wishes from so many parts of my life. I love being queen for the day.

I also love turning the birthday magic over to my cousin & a couple of other February 19ers, which I'll do in six & a half hours.  Read More 
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Lesley Gore

Sad to hear of the death this week of Lesley Gore at age 68 of lung cancer. Oddly enough, I've been listening a lot lately to "You Don't Own Me," marveling each time at how uncompromising & un-early-60s it sounds, amidst all the "my guy" songs.

When I was little, the song of hers that I loved was "Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows," which I played on a little box record player, so much that my brother & sister disappeared it. It has a sweet exuberance that wears out its welcome. But she didn't.  Read More 
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