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Friday, yes indeed

Even those of us who are indolent as heck, Friday is the end of the week. Can't wait to get out of here.
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That's me (in thought not action)—the Verizon people were great, to tell you the truth
I've been on a "live chat" for an hour & a quarter & they finally revealed that they can't tell without a visit from a technician why my internet still isn't working, & the visit could cost $91 (& up), & my internet is bundled with my phone so that it wouldn't cost any less to get rid of it. I am so sick of this modern world. What can I do without?

Friday update: The repair guy is 11 minutes late in his 3-hour window; the Verizon phone person said he was on his way, 20 minutes ago. I am so frigging fed up!  Read More 
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Another Burchfield

Winter Landscape with Trees
This looks a little like our land in Prospect, Maine. I moved up there with 4 other people. We all left eventually, within a year or after 40. One of the guys moved back & one lives there in the summer. We used to say "summer people—and some aren't."

I first typed his name Birchfield.

We got a lovely quick dusting this morning. Lots more next week, according to Willis, the source of all my hope & information. Read More 
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The Snow Chronicles: Burchfield

Winter Moonlight by Charles Burchfield (1951)
One time, the first winter I lived in the woods in Maine, Rick & I went for a hike on our property, in a snowstorm—one of those soft, incesssant, anarchic snowstorms that are the reason I like snow so much. We walked through the birches & firs, & didn't get lost, & when we got back to the main house, Sherri had made soup & bread.

It's going to snow some more this week.  Read More 
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Eric Ambler

The reason I know I'm getting sick is it's the only time I ever feel like reading spy novels. When I grabbed Ambler's A Coffin for Dimitrius, I should have known. It's not the flu, it was half a day of a stomach thing. I am now dressed although I think I will go home & go back to bed. And finish the book.  Read More 
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A Doll's House at BAM

Heike & Eileen waiting for cheesecake, root beer float & matzoh ball soup
& Junior's after, before it leaves its Flatbush welcome & 60s decor. The food was plentiful...

We had problems with the play, mostly that none of us could hear the actor who played Nora. So it's hard to discuss.
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“We intend to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and fearlessness."
A nap? Is that likely?

Tonight seeing the Italian Futurism show at the Guggenheim (it's still my birthday if someone is offering me a birthday treat) & tomorrow night we are seeing A Doll's House at BAM. I need to stay up later than 10 tonight so I can do the same tomorrow. No snoring through Ibsen!

I think the Futurists will wake me up!  Read More 
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I do love the snow but I was really, really glad to be able to ride my bike today, in 40° weather. Only one ice-slush strip on 19th St, but I didn't go down. Lots of craters—the snow & ice has really chewed up the streets. And I also like that it's beginning to be light out till late  Read More 
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I am not a brute

I love karate & I love fighting. Maybe a little too much? Today I bloodied (one drop) the nose of a girl who is my senior & who won the fight championship last year, oh & is less than half my age. And another very senior black belt complained that I hit him too hard. He wasn't protecting himself: How was I to know  Read More 
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I said it's my BIRTHDAY

Me, older than yesterday
The poem of the day was Byron's "So we'll go no more a-roving," the second line of which serves as the title for my long poem in ottava rima: So Late into the Night. I mentioned this on Facebook & Gyorgyi Voros posted a link to Leonard Cohen singing the poem. Yeah!

The quote of the day was from Tom Robbins: "When they tell you to grow up, they mean stop growing." So I quit feeling goofy for enjoying my birthday so much. For waking up early, excited. One day to be frivolous, what's the big deal?

It snowed & then a bit of rain & then it got sunny. The weather trifecta.  Read More 
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