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On Sixth Street (III)

This is my favorite. A real photographer could make this shot poignant & evocative. You will have to do it with words.
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On Sixth Street (II)

This was next to the stuffed dog head window. Same apartment.
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On Sixth Street (I)

Amazing how often I walk on Sixth Street & how little I see. Until I do.
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At the laundry

From top to bottom:
1) This facility is for our dearest Customer Only!
= I have never dared ask if that could be me.

2) Rest room out of order sorry!
= Whoever saw fit to write & print all the other signs was still loose enough to leave this one.

3) NO tissue paper in there! Please prepare your own!
= Repeated in Spanish.

4) Take the KEY out. Turn the Light Off. LOCK the door. Control your Usage within 10 minutes.  Read More 
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On being conspiracy minded

I've long wondered why it is that people believe in conspiracy theories. Is it something in their basic makeup? their political leaning? the part of the country they're from?

As it turns out, a lot of researchers and thinkers are interested in this.

University of Miami political scientists Joseph E. Uscinski and Joseph M. Parent, in American Conspiracy Theories (2014: Oxford University Press), report that believers in conspiracies  Read More 
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Croeso i'r Cymraeg

If I were home, I'd post a picture of the Welsh love spoon my Auntie May gave us when we got married.
Dych chi eisiau afal neu lemon?*

Eich bod yn synnu fy mod yn siarad eich iaith mor dda!**

DuoLingo launched their Welsh course this afternoon & I was one of the first people to sign up. I already know the days of the week & some greetings, although the words are pretty mushy in my mouth.

I remember going to visit  Read More 
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Not snow

After the excitement of 26.8" of snow (a near-record), plus the unneeded, unpleasant excitement of having the roof alarm biting my ears for 15 hours (until a locksmith came & drilled it out), necessitating leaving the roof door open to let the sound fly away, and by the way the heat in our building was off, I'm relaxing to the serenity of this Japanese print. Ah.........

The patch of white that caught my eye turns out not to be snow, but I like it anyway.  Read More 
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I Heart Even More Snow

In the end, we got 26.8" yesterday, .10 short of the record. This South Dakota gal is happy.
More things I love about snow:
= The excuses. Normally I always/never, but it's a blizzard, everything is permitted.
= The pretty. Big snow is the only "disaster [sic] that leaves the afflicted region more attractive in its wake."
= The camaraderie. I love hearing people's stories. I could look endlessly at photos of kids, dogs, pigs, pandas frolicking.
= The frolicking.  Read More 
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I Heart More Snow

I love poems about snow. I love snow men. I love "nothing that is not there and the nothing that is." I love being inside & the snow is outside. I love hot chocolate & the possibility of snow on my February birthday. I love not losing my hat or mittens. I love kids sledding on cafeteria trays. I used to love ice skating. I love reading books about the Arctic. I love thinking that I could theoretically walk to the North Pole. I love the Northern Lights. I love books set in Alaska & the Yukon & northern Norway. I love photographs of snowflakes. I love cutting snowflakes out of paper. I love having an excuse to go for a walk & not to work. I love everything I can think of about snow, "the most benign of big weather."  Read More 
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I Heart Snow

As with a lot of things, anticipating snow is the most exciting part. Well, one of the exciting parts. Today is when it's still possible that we will have a blizzard! A foot of snow! Two feet of snow! Three feet! I love the squeaky quiet of my feet on the snow when there's no traffic. I love the bicycle- and hydrant- and car-shaped heaps on the street. I love too white to see. I love the wind. I love having to walk with my back to the wind so I can breathe. I love looking out the window and being inside. I love being outside. I love being cold. I love thinking about the people I know who also love snow (Steve!) and even the people who hate it & think we're nuts. I love remembering the snows of yesteryear.  Read More 
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