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We're midway through the holiday of Sukkot, "the season of our joy," where it's traditional to eat even live in temporary shelters. In the synagogue we read the book of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes). This year, in my shul, we're reading it over 4 days of the holiday, with 4 different people offering brief intros. This was mine:

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Once again, off for the holidays

Back on Wednesday
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My husband

My other husband, Derek Jeter, that is. My friend Danny Peary put together a terrific book, Baseball Immortal: Derek Jeter: Career in Quotes. The worst thing about it is that there are 3 colons in the title (because it's part of a series). The best is that it's entertaining & insightful. Given Jeter's reputation for only saying the blandest bromides, you'll be surprised how much he really has shared over the years. The caption links to a funny review that mentions my 10,000-page poem about Jeter's ass.  Read More 
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One of 3 deaths on Tuesday that affected me.

Not ready to write about the others.

I guess I'm not ready to write about Yogi either.

Why are we sitting on a bale of hay?

Is he the equivalent of a Nobel laureate?
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Rush rush rush

OK, Yom Kippur starts in a little more than an hour. Have I bathed? No. Have I eaten before my 27-hour (-year) fast? No. Have I apologized to all those pedestrians I terrified when they walked into the bike lane without looking or heeding my horn, & instead of politely swinging around them I yelled &  Read More 
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State by State

Quilt of the states.
I've been dipping into a fun anthology called State by State: A panoramic portrait of America, edited by Matt Weiland & Sean Wilsey. Inspired by the Federal Writers' Project that employed some 6,000 people & produced guides to each of the states, their goal was to "put together a book that captures something essential, something fundamental and distinctive about each state... something broad-minded and good-hearted... a road trip in book form."

So far so good.  Read More 
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Elizabeth Bishop

I am having a hard time thinking about much else than her, her messy life & her unmessy poetry.

Simultaneously reading poems, prose, & letters.

From a 1948 letter to Robert Lowell:
Let's publish an anthology of haunting lines, with a supplement on how to exorcise them.

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Adam Purple & a wedding

I went to Becca and Lina's wedding at 8:30 this morning at the Brooklyn Municipal Building. It's amazing how quickly your life can change. One minute he or she is merely a passerby in the eyes of the state, and the next, you are permanently connected.  Read More 
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I'm a morning person again, it seems

This week & last I went to the 7:30 a.m. karate class. I think that's possible partly because I'm detoxing—replacing caffeine with decaf in preparation for my 27-hour fast next Wednesday, Yom Kippur, so I'm waking up a little more ready to go. I stopped making it to that class a couple of years  Read More 
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20 miles

Just 20 miles from here is a place absolutely inhospitable to life.

No, not New Jersey.

"Space is almost close enough to touch. Only twenty miles above our heads is an appalling, hostile environment that would freeze us, and burn us and boil us away. And yet our enfolding layers of air protect us so completely that we don't even realize the dangers." —from An Ocean of Air: Why the wind blows and other mysteries of the atmosphere, by Gabrielle Walker, one of the dozen wonderful books I'm reading at the moment. (Nothing makes me happier than knowing that there will always be something wonderful to read.) Read More 
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