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Hello from the Adirondacks

I am here for 5 days without a lot of internet access. Can't add photos or they would show how gorgeous & green Blue Mountain Center is. Getting to be a full-time poet for the first time in 5 years, after being a full-time worrywart. Poetry is better. Back with blog posts when I can, likely not till Monday, Memorial Day.  Read More 
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This is a wall

This is a sign on—yes—a wall at a construction site around the corner. What did Paul Richard imagine people thought this was if not a wall? Who is Paul Richard, for that matter? What precautions do people generally take around walls?

They might want to stay out of the way of my favorite 3rd-grade joke:

What did one wall say to the other?

Meetcha at the corner.  Read More 
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Partners in crime

I met Dot (aka Melissa Zexter) more than 20 years ago at Blue Mountain Center, an artist residency in the Adirondacks. She was newly switching out of using standard art materials, which had become toxic to her.

I love seeing how this has developed into embroidery and scratching on photographs—adding, removing till she's created something new & beautiful. OK, I'm partial to cars & baseball (as is Dot) but this picture is something I could look at for a long long time, drift into its story & landscape. I love how the car is outlined in a simple stitch, a reminder that we had to keep our old cars running with crackerjack toys & ingenuity, & that even a beater can be loved.  Read More 
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Inspired this week by all the political ferment to volunteer for a candidate running for City Council in my district, the smart, charismatic, & local Carlina Rivera, who I'd met at an event sponsored by Eleanor's Legacy, a group that works to elect pro-choice Democratic women in New York City and New York State.

A day or two ago, I went out "knocking," which literally is knocking on doors. I was surprised how many people buzzed us in without question. Mostly our encounters were brief, just handing out information & reminding them to vote in the primary. One guy, however, said-shouted, "I'm a registered Democrat! but I voted for Donald Trump! I wasn't getting behind what Hillary Clinton was selling! I see your face! I see  Read More 
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What I had for breakfast

I told someone I couldn't remember what I'd had for breakfast this morning, let alone something he'd said in passing a month ago. He said, That's why you have a blog.

And I do remember: I slow-cooked two organic brown eggs with a little butter & cheese, then rolled the mess into a toasted whole-grain tortilla.

I'm not usually that ambitious or healthy. Usually I get a burrito up the block or warm up an Amy's bowl but I had a little time this morning.  Read More 
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Hell bank note

I remember having a big stack of these.

I remember handing them out.

I remember it seemed funny at the time.
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The 5 Spot

One of my favorite poems is Frank O'Hara's "The Day Lady Died." I've read it a thousand times & taught it in most workshops, & it still makes my heart stop every time:

and I am sweating a lot by now and thinking of
leaning on the john door in the 5 SPOT

I knew the 5 Spot was in my neighborhood but I never knew exactly where till I happened to walk past this commemorative sign. What must have been a row of Bowery tenements and bars is now a senior citizen center.

I was watching a short video of my neighborhood 30 or 35 years ago with a friend, age 30, who asked, referring to the endless blocks of burned-out buildings & cars, the junkies & broken glass & dog shit: Was that really what it was like?

I almost can't believe it either, not when I see how entirely the East Village has transformed.

The golden age, always a little further in the past than when you were young.  Read More 
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Nature girl

Still counting my nature blessings.
I was walking through the Village View apartments & saw many daffodils. So nice, but where are the irises?

Just ahead! That's so much more a Sioux Falls flower & I was immediately happy.

Oh look—lilies of the valley! I practically threw myself to the ground to smell them & was transported back to the damp & unvisited side of our house on Summit Avenue, where I would lie down for their sweet bright scent & perfect white bells.

Also, there were 2 chickens in a park on Avenue C. Too quick for me to get them in the frame. Read More 
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When I was fearless

The freedom now desired by many is not freedom to do & dare but freedom from cares & worry. —John Truslow Adams

I've been pondering this. While I am sure he means it generationally ("now"), I think as I've gotten older I've gone from do & dare to cares & worry. Just as I can't really remember those  Read More 
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Cats & dogs

My cat Buster, guarding his catnip banana.
I just came up with this theory:

Young women who have dogs are more likely to have children eventually than young women who have cats.

Among my acquaintances it's more true than not, & it makes sense: dogs require more attention & care, so women who are willing to take care of a dog are primed for kids.

I have no idea if this is true, or what it means.

Update: My brother just pointed out that some people have dogs [& cats?] in lieu of kids. Read More 
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