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Lost (Bozo)

On a lamppost, 3rd Street & First Ave.

Our 14-year-old grandson from New Jersey thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Happy Halloween.
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Spain in my heart

Because of my visit not long ago, & because of my dear friend & native barcelonina Mercè, I have been following the Catalan independence saga closely. Nonetheless, I don't know the ins & outs enough to have a firm opinion, but it seems part & parcel of what's going on in so many places: people rocking their pretty comfortable boat for an idea, & seem sure to be worse off no matter how things play out.

One instinct is to rush to visit before it becomes impossible (war?!?!), the other is to stay far, far away & not risk getting trapped in any trouble. I mostly don't think anything will happen but....  Read More 
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Tough birds

Sub-Antarctic birds.
I love that someone (the Cornell Ornithology Lab) had the idea—and figured out a way—to see how birds ranked at bird feeders. Who holds their place, who gets pushed aside?

Aside from the obvious—turkeys are the largest, so they never get kicked off feeders, & vice versa for sparrows—the researchers found:

It turns out that doves, buntings, and grosbeaks are less dominant than we would expect based on their body size, whereas crows, jays, woodpeckers, and blackbirds are more dominant than we would expect based on their size. These findings mean our intuitions weren’t so far off: doves really are peaceful, and jays really are feisty.
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Thinking about quotes

I am happy to have come up with a new wrinkle on my blogging. I've felt a little bogged down this week, what with all the work & social events. None of it seemed important to write about in the face of the horrors. I try not to be overwhelmed but occasionally it gets to me, the monster in the White House & how easy it's been for him to co-opt so many. I'm glad I've never wanted power or money or really anything that would lead me to act like that. (I would have done it for poetry if I had had any idea how.)  Read More 
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Quote IV

The things of the eye are done.
—Robert Lowell
"Myopia : a Night"
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Quote III

love exists, love exists,
your hand a baby bird so obliviously tucked
into mine, and death impossible to remember
—Inger Christensen
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Quote II

He loved this country for the run of its hills, the shape of its elm trees, and the way the heather, running uphill to the skyline, meets the blue of the heavens.
—Ford Madox Ford
Parade's End
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Quote I

The unconscious is that which we know, or have experienced, but for which we do not have a name.
—Walker Percy
The Message in the Bottle
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Paying the price

None of the photos do justice to what it's like to be "riding of the rolling level underneath him steady air."
Wonderful day with my sister on Friday, going up in a friend's 4-passenger Cessna. O Manhattan how I love thee. Late night.

Saturday was a Seido party, another late night.

Today a birthday brunch with a dozen smart, interesting, kind, talkative women.

There's a poetry reading in an hour but I don't think I can motivate over there. Fading here....  Read More 
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Always in a rush

By tomorrow I'll have reliable wifi in my office, after several months of intermittent service. Then I'll be able to work more attentively & write better. I'll be taller too & better looking.
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