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FCs, here we come

I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I don't think any of my FCs (Favorite Cousins) read my blog. I ordered these buttons to hand out at our family reunion—we leave tomorrow for South Dakota & go up to Cable, WI, on Monday where we'll be meeting up with, at last count, 46 of us, including at least one set of fourth cousins.

We all call each other FC & I remember my shock & dismay when I realized my sister & I aren't actually FCs. We decided it's an embracing term & we ARE in fact FCs.

Can't wait!  Read More 
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Monday Quote

We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.
~ George Bernard Shaw

This makes me want to read Shaw again. Cranky, insightful, visionary Shaw.
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New York in the summertime

It's raining I'm working I'm expiring I'm half-hoping that people overhearing me speaking Norwegian to a practice tape are thinking I'm on the phone in a Foreign Language, although it's obvious that I'm repeating simple sentences several times. What kind of conversation consists of "where's the bathroom?" long pause "I am driving to Oslo" long pause "it is 75 kilometers" long pause "no, 65" & so on. Also I dropped a big but luckily empty jar on my toe. It hurts!  Read More 
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I was sure I had suddenly gotten cataracts, but it turns out the reason I couldn't see was that my glasses were smudged from the rain & heavy greasy air that we are enjoying in NYC today.

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Questions & answers

Semi-random image from down the block.
Why are you washing your clothes in soup?
That's not soup, that's air.

Why do people live in New Jersey?
That's not exhaust, that's air. Also, too lazy to search for the pink promise.

When will my leg be better?
The Shadow knows not.

Who is sleeping in my bed?
You, your man, your cat, & soup.

What time is it?
No trick questions! No philosophy! No speculating! Drop that bone & back away!

Where time is it?
Good question! I can answer that!  Read More 
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Monday Quote

Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above it.
~ Washington Irving

Is this true? Can't you be subdued & also stick it out? Is enduring not (similar to) rising above? If I complain but soldier on, do I have a little or a great mind? Are their no categories between little & great? Why did I even save this quotation? What did I think it meant when I first noticed it? Did I imagine for a moment I was a rise-above type of person? Every time I have a headache or I stub my toe, I think: give up now before life gets even more painful. Yes, I want to die when I suffer for even a moment. I am almost not joking.  Read More 
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Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Ingalls Museum in De Smet, South Dakota.
Laura Ingalls Wilder was ours, we South Dakota kids. DeSmet was an hour away & we would go their sweet hokey pageant in the summer. I was startled that Hollywood made a TV show—startled that people other than us were interested or had even heard of her. She described the natural phenomena that we observed, & she connected us to a pioneer past & made it mine.

Now the Association for Library Service to Children has stripped her name off a prestigious award for children's literature. I do see both sides:  Read More 
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Socket to me

I do see the pig snout aspect, although not the link to a plow blade. I suppose if I were closer to my prairie roots, it would be obvious.
I was sitting next to Michael Lally at Bob Holman's place, after the Barg memorial & he said how everything is interesting—I think the context was about the definition of a poet is someone is who is interested, although now I am not sure he said that at all.

Today I randomly looked up the word SOCKET. It didn’t seem like a particularly fascinating word, probably not a word I’ve ever used. Like I say, random. I had been thinking that I needed to know the words I use better—their exact meanings, their origins.

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Viking tattoo

Not that I'm getting a tattoo or anything but this is pretty cool. According to the guy who has it, who had recently come back from Iceland, it's Aegishjalmur or "helm of awe" & dates back to Viking times. "The lady who did it used pokes, the traditional Old Norse way." Also called stick & poke, it's basically a jailhouse tattoo, although this one is beautifully done, unlike the fuzzy teardrops you're more likely to see.  Read More 
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The Poetry Project

Whiling away a thundery afternoon at the Native Bean on Ave A with the Project's new director, Kyle Dacuyan. We talked about poetry & poets & what he has in mind for the Project. I approve! It's not up to me to say more, but I did want to register how great it was to hang out. Something I've been doing for 40 years, talking the day away with smart interesting people. Lucky life.

I say nothing about treason & treachery!  Read More 
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