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Mercè at her first-ever baseball game; note hotdog & beer. Neil at far from his first game.
I can't imagine a more perfect night. Sitting outside in 70° weather, in the 3rd row almost behind the backstop (we missed two foul balls by one row)—and for $15 no less. Leisurely conversations. No electronic distraction. Getting to Staten Island by ferry, the 1st Avenue bus waiting at the terminal on the way home. Explaining baseball to a Spanish newbie, and tangling ourselves into memory & history. How threadbare my life would be without baseball.  Read More 
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"And if the weather pleases me, I'm happy every day."

Thanks, Ted, I wish you were here to be enjoying this rare streak of 70° unhumid July days.
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Nature girl

And here, I'm lounging in the same little "park" on 1st street, sitting in an abandoned office chair.

I was so happy not to get cooties.

I took the "Urban delight" photo from this chair, & Mercè took this one of me.
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Urban delight

In the city, ya takes yer nature where ya finds it.

The "benches" are discarded shelving.

There's no greenery.

But a nice view up & out.
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never a little boy
/ with a camera /
but I knew joy

never a grandmother
/ in a black hole hat: /
I’ve been of my times

never been to Paris
/ in 1903 /
driving the women hard
as the men
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As he pleased

In an argument with Vera Brittain (whose Testament of Youth is the best account of WWI by a woman who was in it), Orwell writes:

"Why is it worse to kill civilians than soldiers? Obviously one must not kill children if it is in any way avoidable, but it is only in propaganda pamphlets that every bomb drops on a school or an orphanage. A bomb kills a cross-section of the population; but not quite a representative selection, because  Read More 
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My day

I knew I would hate myself if I didn't go to class, so I got on my bike & went to the dojo. Michelle looked at me & said, You look like you could use a hug. My day got better from that moment. All the sad-mean news of the week kind of washed away. A little.

Class was fun: Kaicho divided us into 3 groups of 7 to do synchronized kata. He told our group to do something unique, so we faced different directions—& didn't kick each other. I couldn't not laugh, though that's a no-no in karate: we're supposed to keep a straight face no matter what. Saw some folks I like who hadn't been around for a while.

I'm listening (streamed from the NY Public Library) to  Read More 
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Summer pleasure

Today, I was told, was supposed to be the best day of the year, with the most energy & insight.

What I got was an invasion of waterbugs & 3 rush deadlines.

Maybe tonight will bring amazement.
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Helping Eileen

I sat in her truck double-parked.
Drivers cursed.
She carried down stuff for a week
in Provincetown.

We drove around the block.

Then she carried it all back up
and stayed home.

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I am an ignorant American

My friend Mercè is visiting for a few weeks from Barcelona. Her first language is Catalan, and she is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and English. I believe she can get around in a few more. She translates American thrillers into Spanish & is also a simultaneous translator.

She said simultaneous translating demands such complete concentration that Read More 
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