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Linda Kittell

Just received word from her husband Ron Goble that my friend Linda died on Wednesday. She had had a rare lung cancer. I'll remember her big smile, her big laugh, her love for her family & for baseball, her good poetry.
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I never thought I would say it, or think it, or feel it, but I'm sick of this cold weather. Snow I never get sick of & I don't entirely mind the cold, but it is wearing me down. I am grumpy & I'm not the only one: People seem on edge, jokes aren't rolling off like they usually do.  Read More 
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My friend Dot

Melissa ("Dorothy") Zexter was a painter who developed a sensitivity to her materials and migrated to embroidered photography. She's a big baseball fan, with a particular fondness for Butch Hobson, Butch Wynegar, & Butch Huskey. She once led a life of crime but has rehabilitated herself. She also has 2 beautiful daughters.

P.S. Happy birthday, President McKinley  Read More 
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Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger 1919-2014.
All the stories I'm hearing today are similar: how unpretentious, kind & good-humored he was. He was at a breakfast in the Adirondacks, where he played & sang a little. A kid climbed right up on his lap & said, You will always be singing in my heart. Pete loved it. But damn it, I can't remember what he said back except that it made everyone love him.

OK, in a hurry, can't stop to verify or track this anecdote down any better.  Read More 
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The snow chronicles XII

Snow predicted today for southern Alabama & South Carolina, rain for New York City. What's wrong with this picture? And as someone pointed out, there's something amiss when 36° registers as a heat wave.

Weather, weather. Maybe it's not the all-consuming interest for me that it is for a couple of my friends. I can't remember from day to day what yesterday was like, & I'm not much interested past advice on sweaters & scarves. Or maybe weather's a great hobby, since, like cloud-watching, it involves little more than paying attention whenever you think of it.

Just blew a fuse so now the heater's off in here. That's weather for ya. Read More 
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A thought

Maybe the great separation is not the living & the dead, but the minding & the not minding.
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The snow chronicles XI: Slovenians

For years I've said hello & nothing more to one of the elderly janitors at YAI, where I help teach karate once a week to developmentally delayed adults. I actually wasn't sure if he was YAI or not, due to his heavy accent. Last night when I was leaving, I waved & idly asked if he was enjoying the cold weather. Oh boy!  Read More 
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The snow chronicles X

East River from Brooklyn (photo by Maggie Dubris)
A friend from back home ee'ed me to ask: "I know you like snow, but when is ENOUGH?!"

We only had 11" & they didn't cancel school. How could that be ENOUGH?

Now it's Day 3, & it's bugging me not to ride my bike. Maggie says the trains are horrible—infrequent, therefore crowded—so I'm mostly walking but it's harshing my mellow. Also, it's cold without much prettiness left. I like the cold when I'm outdoors, but in my office, not so much.

Friday update: My friend says the East River is frozen over off Greenpoint. "It looks like a bunch of icebergs." Read More 
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One more Joyce post

This is the silver loving cup my mother won (along with 10 guineas*) for being the "bonniest baby" of 1924. She always says it meant she was the fattest baby.

The engraved text reads:

Presented by
The Rector of Walton
- to -
Alice Joyce Phillips
Bonniest Baby
July 7, 1924

That church, in Liverpool, England, was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

* A guinea was a shilling more than a pound; in today's money her 10 guineas might be worth about $25. The silver cup is priceless.  Read More 
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Cousins rock II

Getting ready for group photo, in shower caps.
A birthday is just an excuse for a party in my fun-lovin' family. We are all FCs (Favorite Cousins) to each other & we know each other to a crazy extent: At the Joyce 90 celebration were a couple of 4th cousins.

AND I'm home in time for the biggest snowfall of the season. Yippie!
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