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My kitchen table

This picture demonstrates why I have hired an assistant. She hasn't started yet, & if all she does is stand over me while I toss & organize, preventing me from sinking into victorian vapors, it will be worth it.
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What I'm reading

It's strange when you know the author of the book that is blowing you away.

A book that's about your life.

A book that everyone who reads it believes is about their life.

I'm not deluded. They're not deluded.
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Rothko of the streets

Jugger-nut! East 1st Street, around the corner from my building.
Is this something likely to be seen in many other places? It'd have to be in a walking city or it would be wasted. A place that would appreciate the art joke. And a place that's not house-proud, at least not on the outside. One of the big differences between NYC and most other places is that many really nice buildings don't look all that different from dumps; you often can't tell from the outside that someone lives in a mansion. We're more casual about prettying up our streets, which are everyone's front yards and nobody's exclusive property. Read More 
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Thanksgiving Almost Found Poem

I guess my holiday tradition is posting this poem, which I love & "stole" years ago from a friend's email, making few changes except line breaks. The grandmother, mother, & father are all dead now, the daughter married with several kids of her own. Whenever I think tradition means nothing changes, I read this poem.

Thanksgiving Almost Found Poem

Many years we go to my grandmother's in Virginia.
My mother, father, aunts and at least two of my brothers are there.
My son has a football game that morning.
My daughter is home, but needs to get back to school this weekend.
My wife doesn't want to ride for nine hours and turn right back.
Sometimes I have gone alone, but not often.
A couple of neighbors were vying for our company.
One of those my daughter’s boyfriend’s family,
Which we did last year and had fun.
But this year it will be another family,
One we have visited on two or three other Thanksgivings.
I have a turkey freezing in the garage.

Nothing to do with it.  Read More 
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My favorite joke

A skeleton walks into a bar.

Bartender says, Hey buddy, what'll it be?

Skeleton says, Give me a beer... and a mop.

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Jeg vinner

Look at my pooping-owl trophy! Yes! Ja! Uff da!

I can understand or get the gist of a fair amount of what I read, but the speaking is a whole nother story.

It's "en god begynnelse."
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Lists of things we like

I remember starting off on a road trip many many years ago with this guy I used to know, Bob Hove. He had this private little smile & I said what are you thinking about. He said when I drive I like to make lists of things I like.

Now someone's made a website called Lists of Things We Like. Poets all love lists & it's exciting to see that lots of other people do.  Read More 
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Slutten av Norsk

No, I'm not the slut of Norway, "slutten av Norsk" means I'm coming to the end of my language course. Am I fluent? No, but a lot more than I was a few months ago. What am I going to do with myself? Glad you asked: the Catalan course for Spanish speakers just launched, so as soon as my Spanish is good enough, I can dive right into Catalan. Or should I do Norwegian again? Or Swedish? I'm in love with language! Read More 
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More fool me

It seems my ability to outsmart or outthink a 4-year-old is nil.

A chocolate croissant? And hot chocolate for your sister? Sure, since your mom gets you this every day.

Now her mom wants to kill me because I let them eat chocolate on a school night: no dinner; meltdown.

My strategy for our next adventure: I'll say, "I'm just going to call & double-check." Will they come clean? Any other ideas?  Read More 
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Little girls

The timelessness of kids on monkey bars. All of them wanting to be older. The scary thrill of hanging upside down. Leaves like party frocks, & that hair!
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