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Opening day!

I'm a little shocked to talk about the Red Sox on Opening Day but this video is so great, it crowded out whatever I might have said about hope springing eternal, Jeter's last season, or the hapful or hapless teams we'll be living with for the next 6 months.

Ran into Phil "Two Boots" Hartman in his Mets cap & jacket this morning. "Ya going to the game?" I asked.

He gave me a reproachful look. "Of course. When do I not? It's my Rosh Hashana."  Read More 
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I was off by a day when I wrote, on Thursday, about Chris Christie: There are updates. First, Christie had the state of New Jersey pay for a million-dollar report that (surprise!) exonerated (& beatified) him, putting the blame on (surprise) the emotional woman, Bridget Kelly. Given that the lawyers behind that report didn't even talk to the 3 principals (Kelly, Wildstein, Stepien), how complete can it be? In possibly related news, Port Authority honcho David Samson, a henchpal of Christie's from way back, resigned with no warning late on Friday. Stay tuned....  Read More 
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Cloud appreciating

Hobbies are stupid. You either do something or you don't. If you do, you go all out, & if you don't, you don't do it at all.

Nonetheless, I do have a hobby, which is cloud spotting. It's a hobby because I belong to the Cloud Appreciation Society. Doesn't mean I know much—I don't know the names of almost any clouds, except lenticular, which looks like a mushroom cloud. Just like to go outside & look up.  Read More 
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Reverse mortgage

I thought I should expand outside my block, so I went to the NY Times to see what's going on in the world. I was hoping for a Chris Christie update but the first article I landed at was about reverse mortgages, which are designed to keep people 62 and older in their homes by borrowing money against the value of their homes that they don't need to pay back until they move out or die.

I am pretty sure my 90-year-old mother has a RM but I'm in that huge cohort of people whose parents keep them in the dark about their finances and plans. Which is my mother's right, absolutely, as long as I'm not left holding the bag, by which I mean doing the legal, financial, & cleaning tasks she should have done.  Read More 
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Looking in
OK, I'm a kosher vegetarian (mostly), but that doesn't stop me from loving Katz's. I'm happy to learn that the young scion of the family plans to keep it intact. He could sell off that corner for so much money but he would rather supply corned beef & pastrami to the people. My whole family eats here as often as possible when they're in town. The great triumph recently was that my sister's hotel was a block away, which meant a daily meal there.  Read More 
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If I told you I'd spent my 20s worrying that if I took my eyes off it, the chair would cease to be a chair, would you say:
(1) Were you depressed?
(2) Were you a philosophy major?
(3) That was just the LSD.

If you said (3), it could only be because you'd spent your 20s the way I did.  Read More 
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My friend Eileen

Eileen brought me these jonquils the day she was leaving for Ireland, along with swag—the chrome bowl—from the Whitney Biennial. The flowers are dying now but I don't want to toss them.
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Sunday, Sunday

The first weekend in a while that hasn't been swamped with company &/or obligations. Looking forward to going to karate then kicking back for the rest of the day.

Updates to various earlier posts: I saw a robin on my block, a robin as big as a pigeon. It was 63° yesterday but this  Read More 
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My nephew Henry

Henry at the Comfort Inn on Ludlow with a game he won at an arcade in Times Square
Not much is more entertaining & enlightening than hanging out with a 12-year-old who's full of questions & opinions. We walked around the West Village, compared Minnesota (where he lives) to New York City, ate bad pizza on 7th Avenue & a very good brownie from Amy's on Bleecker Street, & did a little karate. I love that kid!
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Vernal equinox

Or, in lay language, the first day of Spring. How totally lovely it is today too: 54° with just a little snap in the air. I am crossing things off my to-do list, friends are in town, & my knees are holding up.
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