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Leaving Sunday for 10 days in the UK. I'll be visiting cousins in Liverpool, Wales (Cardiff, Penarth, Swansea) & London. Mostly I'll be sitting around drinking tea & worming ancient lurid gossip out of everyone but I have some sightseeing planned too: the house my mother grew up in, 325 Walton Lane, Liverpool (very pretty on Google maps) & where her dad is buried (across Walton Lane in historic Anfield Cemetery). My cousin Hazel is taking me with her group to visit Lewis Carroll's childhood home & I will try to get to St Fagan's open-air folk museum in Cardiff. I will try to write one more time before I go but if not, back her on or about the 22nd.  Read More 
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Having sympathetic outrage on behalf of Maggie, who got a cheap ticket to Detroit on Spirit Airlines. Not really so cheap, since everything except the seat costs extra: $100 for a carry-on bag (why? no one is being paid to handle it so that's pure profit), water, they even charge $10 to  Read More 
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The birthday curse

Happy 131st birthday, Grandma Alice! I can't ever not know birthdays but they're as bad as Monkees & Herman's Hermits songs for filling my brain pan.
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Hey astrology peeps

What goes retrograde & messes everything up? Mercury, right? The moon?

Well, today was wack! Or whack! Which is it? (See what I mean?)

My day included a misdelivered package that I had to track down the UPS guy to get, which took 4 phone calls & a run down to 3rd St. I lost 2 socks in the laundry. There were work miscommunications

Then someone was telling a story in the lockerroom about being a "weirdo magnet"  Read More 
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New store

TLC is right around the corner on 2nd St, just opened a couple of days ago. We went in to see if he had cousherie, an Egyptian dish of noodles, rice, garbanzos, & onions that I haven't had since the restaurant up the block closed. He was Indian, however, so no kusheri (or however the hell it's spelled). Very pleased we had come in.

It seemed curated, like an art gallery. Like a Warhol, Ann said.  Read More 
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Oe ti'n siarad Cymraeg?

Apparently not.

I naively agreed to a meet-up of Welsh learners, lulled by one of them saying she had a 6-month-old baby and hadn't really been keeping up. Ha! Joan & Joanie were fluent! Turns out they've both been to Welsh boot camp, a week of speaking only Welsh, and Joanie even  Read More 
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Fabulous Friday: my day

72°, first of all. Finished a bunch of small but pressing projects in the a.m. Did many errands, efficiently: paid office rent, signed the Poetry Project's rent check, bought new underwear, had pierogi at B&H, where Ola, who is Polish, was appalled that I ordered them boiled not fried. She also made me a juice with a little too much Read More 
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