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Aprenc tant existeixo

He LOVES physics.
As a lifelong learner (aprenc tant existeixo: I learn, therefore I am), I've been taking Coursera classes on economics, language, physics & more. I'm not sure how much I'm taking in—let alone retaining—but I do like how enthusiastic the teachers are & how much they want us to appreciate their subjects. This physics guy ("How Things Work") can't believe how cool these formulas are: don't we agree?!!?! I barely passed the first test, even though I was paying attention. That was yesterday, & if I had to take it today, I doubt if I could still remember velocity, mass, acceleration, the newton, & how they interact (or do they?).  Read More 
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Private Snafu

According to a wonderful article by Mark David Kaufman in the Public Domain Review (which finds & writes lovingly about all sorts of oddball bits from the past), 27 cartoons were made about Private Snafu, starting in 1943. They were intended to educate GIs what not to do: sleep under a tree without your gas mask, stick your rifle in the mud,  Read More 
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I feel withered & delicate, the neighborhood & its terrible destruction, the helicopters, the gawkers. Instead, a poem, which I wrote for a reading I was invited by Diana Rickard to be part of last week at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn, in conjunction with an art exhibit called "Home Again."

if you lived here, you’d be Home by now

1) Sioux Falls
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Fire in the EV II: suddenly nothing there

They’d thought no fatalities but now say 2 people are missing. Three buildings from the corner in, on the west side of the avenue, are down. A few blocks of Second Avenue still closed to traffic, foot or vehicular. Dozens of people homeless. Some hero Read More 
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Fire in the EV

I tried not to even look, I didn't take photos, too many people doing that, what? what? is it "news," as though it's not suffering? relief that it was someone else's tragedy? do people just like being close to something out of the ordinary? I think this is why I like big snowstorms: that same impulse but largely benign. I have a headache like crazy, don't listen to me.

It's around the corner from me & the same block, Second Ave between 7th & St Marks, where B&H is. "Tanky God we ok B&H is fine next bulding of us drop down so sad." I love those guys.

I'm home now, suffering, having breathed terrible acrid air. Shaky. Read More 
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The olden days

Maggie & I went over to NYU this afternoon to talk to someone at the library + a guy who's writing a book about punk & poetry, and wanted to see & hear about KOFF magazine. He also wanted us to watch a video of a reading at a laundromat from the summer of 1977. Eileen said I was in  Read More 
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James Joyce

Remember how condescending Joyce is in Portrait of the Artist to a friend for remembering something by thinking back to where he was and what he was eating when it happened? It is so like some Irish Catholics I know to have that condemnatory attitude toward the body (not you, Lal! & not Johnny either). They dismiss the physical self, live in head and heart as though there were no body. Your mind is part of your body: Isn’t that most clear when you have a cold & your brain is fuzzy? Or is your brain woolly, therefore you get a cold? Does foggy thinking cause illness? A dampness of the brain that settles in the lungs? Am I getting sick because I can’t write a stupid article for a stupid magazine? Does the Nobel Prize prevent (cure) illness? Which Joyce never won. AND he was a terrible hypochondriac. QED.  Read More 
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I’m reading Shakespeare’s sonnets in a 1961 Cambridge University edition I got from a dead friend’s apartment, with a cranky intro by a blind editor. Pages fall out as I read, which reminds me of a story about an old woman who read one page of the Bible every morning in the outhouse, then used that page as toilet paper. Read More 
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Sam Charters

Charters I only met once but of course knew his work on behalf of the blues. Musicians I listen to all the time I only know of because of him. I met him when he was reading with Aram Saroyan at the Nuyorican Café. I was the only person who showed up! so the 3 of us  Read More 
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Danny Schechter (1942–2015)

O Danny! The smartest, most tireless, most infuriating, most persuasive person I've probably ever known has died of the horrible pancreatic cancer. Far too soon. His biography—radio "News Dissector," journalist, activist, filmmaker, author—could be that of half a dozen overly energized people; look him up. I am only going to  Read More 
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