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Monday Quote

For years, kids have been asking me what's the greatest superpower. I always say luck. If you're lucky, everything works.
~ Stan Lee

Now there's a happy man, no?

Here's to a lucky 2019, also happy, peaceful, prosperous, art-filled, adventurous & all sorts of other good things, as you desire & are good for the world or your corner of it.  Read More 
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Snow Dance™ ® ©

I have been doing my patented™ ® © Snow Dance for two weeks & this picture does NOT illustrate the results. Two damn flakes, that's all we've gotten. Poor me. What did I do to deserve this? I'm a nice person, I should have the snow I crave.
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Pictures from Breughel

The only reason those books are on the floor is because Johnny broke one small bookcase & these are homeless.
I was going to write about the various books I'm reading but then I found an old poem that mentioned Williams's book Pictures from Breughel & I started looking for it. I've upended my house & office to no avail. I did find a pretty good-size stack to get rid of (when the rain stops) but not the Williams. I have his collected, so I can read those poems, but I liked carrying around that ND pb.

I'm reading or half-reading or not-really-reading so many books it's making me sleepy to think about copying out all the titles. Books about fish & Circe & decluttering & WWI poets & by Horace, Angela Thirkell, E.M. Forster & on & on.  Read More 
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I got this a couple years back from the tree seller on my block. They used to be in front of the Rite Aid on 5th & 1st for years but not lately, probably because of the endless onstruction on the block. This year I remembered to pick up a branch to refresh its tail & antlers. Do I have to throw it out when I've mastered the Japanese art of tidying? Oh gosh I hope not. It brings me joy!  Read More 
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More love

Steve (aka Willis) is someone I've loved since the day we met. I love him & I love our past: we met at the last big anti-Vietnam War demonstration on April 24, 1971, & have been friends ever since. I love knowing someone from such different circumstances: the South, after all these years of visiting him in South Carolina (& defending the state to my northern friends), the South still seems foreign at times. For example, I was down there recently & met a group of people, more or less my age, who remembered colored & white drinking fountains. I'm from a different South indeed.

Anyway, I love this photo, which Steve sent me recently. I could put up photos of old friends for a month & say why each of them is important to me. One of the great pleasures in life is having longtime friends, that's for sure. Read More 
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Brooklyn, baby!

The J street stop on the Q train.
I was already in Brooklyn twice this month, for the WWI documentary & to rehearse at Annabel's place on Avenue I for the Double Yews gig at the Poetry Project on New Year's Day. We have a drummer now, at least for that gig. We're doing poems by Bernadette Mayer (to Streets of Laredo) & Ron Padgett (to Turkey in the Straw).  Read More 
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Monday Quote

We often meet our destiny on the road we took to avoid it.
~ Jean de La Fontaine

Somehow that seems to be about my relationship with Johnny. I didn't want a husband, I barely wanted a boyfriend. Somehow he caught up with me & convinced me this was a good idea—not by explaining but by being fascinating & lively & handsome.

I guess I don't know how to explain this quote at all... Read More 
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I spend my time loving Johnny. It's what I do. It's probably why so much else falls out of my head.
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Happy solstice

& happy birthday to two friends, Ken K who I've known since high school & Bill McF who I met right after high school.
& now the long slide to Christmas, as another old pal memorably called it, is reversed. No wonder I'm a happy winter baby.
& it rained.
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In the nabe

Wall on St Marks Place.
I love busy undramatic days. Today I went to class, stayed after & finally nailed one of my "new" katas + the first 10 (of 55) moves of a second. I told pregnant Mei I'd give her $1,000 if she named her baby (due in April) Galveston; she just laughed. Kyoshi Greg gave me a loaf of delicious rosemary bread as a thank you for assisting him with the kids. I went to B&H to say happy birthday to Mike & have a grilled cheese sandwich. I bought 2 books at the used bookstore on St Marks & 3 pounds of coffee (beans, baby!) at Porto Rico. I took 2 books back to the library & checked out 3. I took a bath. A satisfying day & if that's the entirety of my life, I'm OK with it.  Read More 
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