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Halloween II

Too cute!
This princess (pirate?) & police officer were giving away candy. They said they had way too much & didn't like Twizzlers. I wish the photo could show you how convincing the pint-size cop was.

Hmm, I think I just figure out how to get my iPod to flash.
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When I see adults in costume, I think how embarrassed I would have been if my parents had gotten dressed up on Halloween, instead of turning us loose on the streets of Sioux Falls to trick & treat (in what today would be considered completely unsafe: dark costumes, no adults, covered faces).

But really, what do I care if adults dress up? If all the parents in my neighborhood had done that, I'm sure I would remember it as a wonderful, quirky Sioux Falls tradition. It would be normal.

Expectations, context, societal norms aren't intrinsically OK or not-OK, U or non-U, right or wrong.

Except ... I read a remarkable piece in the NYT by American journalist Theo Padnos, who was kidnapped & tortured for almost 2 years by brutal, ignorant fighters in Syria. They sound like adolescents who've had no raising and hate anyone who's not on their team. They had no interest in rebuilding destroyed infrastructure or building, oh, schools & hospitals, & their big desire was for their little kids to become suicide bombers.

Where are the women? I can't help but believe that a society where women are oppressed is a much darker place. Not normal.  Read More 
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The Tompkins Square Poems III

3. The Girl Who Wouldn’t Say

Is that where you’re from?

Curt wave:
I’m here now.

Where do you live?

Here, here’s my stuff.

I gave away 50 kilos of beautiful dresses & a bicycle
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Coca Wine

100-year-old advertisement
Everybody loves drugs. Kids whirl around till they get dizzy & fall down or laugh till they throw up. What is that but changing one's consciousness & what else are drugs for?

That said, I am not a fan of cocaine. It's a cold-hearted drug that makes people selfish & greedy.

That said, I would try anything called the elixir of life.

Wouldn't you? Read More 
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The Tompkins Square Poems II

2. Running into Elroy

when I stopped to say hi to Marvin
& Elroy with bike tricked out for Father’s Day
walked me a block
where we ran into Jack
who recognized Elroy from the neighborhood
but mostly wanted to ask about Maggie
& I took pictures of
Elroy smiling & Elroy soulful
& sat on a bench & read Read More 
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The Tompkins Square Poems II

Early autumn in TSP
1. Where We Are Now

here every day
where we are now

with Chaucer

a little

all couples are interracial

tree of pink
girls in short frocks
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Giant mosquito invades NYC

The "tumultuous" Caldera is in the park until next February.
You'd think with the Ebola panic, people would know better than to plop an 18' bronze bug into Madison Square Park.

Unsurprisingly, the park describes it differently, calling Liverpudlian Tony Cragg’s three-part Walks of Life "monumental" and describing it as "supplant[ing] any longstanding art historical division between abstraction and figuration: his sculptural innovation is to fuse both styles in one work and to make bronze into a malleable material."

I know ugliness isn't supposed to be part of the conversation about art, but how can I avoid it? Read More 
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Love or else!

Saw my granddaughter Celeste's senior class production of Godspell at her high school yesterday. Impressed with how polished & confident all 16 kids were (can I say Celeste was the radiant standout?).

But wow, the play is so lame! I had never seen it before. It's an earnest, heavy-handed & contradictory recounting of the gospel  Read More 
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Little Debbie

Broadway & 125th Street
Little Debbie looks like she's aged right back into the 1950s since she stopped showing up in my neighborhood.
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My trip to Norway

Or 125th Street, which is about as Far North as I can imagine going, a downtown girl like myself.

Johnny & I went to hear Mia Simring's senior sermon at the Jewish Theological Seminary. We've known Mia since she was little—she came to our wedding when she was 10. She spoke (beautifully) about Noah—Noah as in ark & Noah as in her late brother. A plea & hope against destruction.

Then we came back downtown & now I can scarcely keep my eyes open. Such train lag! Read More 
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