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I was hanging out with my sister at her hotel last night. She turned the TV on and there was the final (on ESPN, no less) of the spelling bee. Gripping. The only word I spelled right was the championship word (& I was a regional spelling champ way back when), not that I could  Read More 
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Cloud appreciating III (another DeLay)

I like this one of his too, but then, I like most of 'em. Even the ones I'm not so struck by are an important part of the continuum.
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Cloud appreciating II

This is a "tornado warned supercell outside of Big Springs, Texas," chased by landscape photographer Kelly DeLay in his Clouds 365 Project: "Photographic experiment shooting clouds everyday, 1792 days and counting." Each & every of his daily photographs is worth a look. They add up to: What? What's important here? The beauty of the clouds? His eye for them? His consistency? Having a body of work? Any given photo? The doing of it, whether or not anything comes of it? Thinking of oneself as an artist? Not thinking of oneself as an artist but as a craftsman, an observer, a wonderer, a person who has stepped outside of daily obviousness?  Read More 
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Ron Poznicek

Docking Boats, Ron Poznicek, 2013
Ron and I graduated from high school together in Sioux Falls. Even though we hadn’t seen each other in decades and weren’t even really friends back then, when we saw each other in San Francisco, we quickly fell into the school shorthand: I wanted to be a better artist than a certain fellow gradiate, he said, and I knew every shade of meaning in that sentence. That kid was handsome, athletic and from a well-to-do family. Beating someone like that at anything validated your own existence.

Ron is a serious artist, who gets better with every painting. His command of color and composition is remarkable. He’s not trendy, an Impressionist not someone making groundbreaking or startling art. Up close, "Docking Boats" is almost abstract; only from a distance is the picture clear (my photo by no means does it justice). This painting lets me go out on the Bay, gives me a summer day in my basement office. That’s as good as art needs to get for me.  Read More 
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Word + El = World

Smart Buster
It's 87°! It's summer!

I feel like I earned my keep today with the realization that by adding me, Elinor/El, to the Word, you create the World. Or maybe this means I no longer have to earn my keep. I just Am.

Other than that, I lay around, bought grapes, ran into Jadina, sat in the park with Niedecker.  Read More 
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Sunny Sunday

1st street: flowers & handball
The whole summer ahead: biking, River to River, Queens exploration, poetry, karate, French toast, park bench, birds.

most persons, you find, peck and peck and seldom really lay any eggs
—Lorine Niedecker
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Why a poet?

Because we weren't listened to. We are poets to say the things that should have been, and should be, heard.

Being a poet is the important part. Writing the poems comes after we have the thoughts, after we pay attention.

To be a poet, that is, someone who sees & thinks about the world, or not, that is, someone who lives in the world without having to see every damn thing.

This is from & because of today's / lifetime conversation with Eileen Myles.  Read More 
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And hello from the East Village

When Sandy Berrigan suddenly turned up, Liza was "viciously jealous." It's rained every Thursday this month. Sandy thinks David needs a girlfriend who will stay home and cook & clean for him. She thinks women stay married because they're afraid to live on their own. Those pesky drain flies are still flying into my eyes, despite having been sprayed & fogged. Willie McTell just asked the ticket agent to tell him the train she's on. The garden on 9th & C is circled by daisies made of soda cans. I have to run to the library & return a book: Island by Alistair MacLeod, the island being Nova Scotia. Just got my bike fixed & now it has a flat tire. It's cold! It's raining!  Read More 
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Hello from Spartanburg VI

A bar we didn't go into
While South Carolina is in the running for the last state to approve marriage equality, much has improved over the years. You can be out & not get killed. Steve's friend who preached on Sunday said he used to be racist, homophobic, antisemitic and a Republican. He's proud to have put that behind him.

Not everyone has, of course. I saw an awful lot of gun & ammo shops, & some Bible-thumping. And this Confederate bar, just a couple of miles from where my friends live.

But people in SC Read More 
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Hello from Spartanburg V

Lounge at Steve's
Even tho I'm back (as of this morning), I have more to say about Spartanburg.

Yesterday we went kayaking on the Pacolet River, just a couple of miles from the house. Is it too late for me to become a nature girl? I jumped & screamed every time anything moved. I saw turtles, Canada geese, a squirming wasp larva, a guy fishing.

We ate at Wade's, where a 4-item vegetable plate costs $6.94; you can choose from turnip greens, macaroni & cheese, sweet potato soufflé, creamed corn, and  Read More 
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