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Pet Peeve V

I know a lot of people who make a point of articulating things they are grateful for. I myself make a list every morning & it invariably improves my mood. It occurs to me that expressing our thanks should be part of that exercise.

I recently did favors for a couple of people, who both neglected  Read More 
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Pet peeve II

I just sort of hate saying someone "passed" to mean they died.

I have a lot of grammar & vocabulary peeves, actually, but Ammon Shea, who is writing a book on exactly this topic, says everyone has, always, & that half the time the next generations have no idea why their elders were so exercised over -ize verbs, for example, or "hopefully." Read More 
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Pet peeve I

So what do you do when a bunch of people go out for dinner? The easiest thing to do is split the bill, of course, & I don't mind that, since unless one person eats 3 entries & a dessert, & the others only have an appetizer, it comes out about the same.

But then you add in  Read More 
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