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Thank a farmer

Being from a farm state, I'm interested in where our food comes from. (I mean, everyone is, right? at least to some extent.) Even so, as a kid, I rarely saw vegetables that weren't wrapped in plastic: South Dakota grows corn & soybeans, not fruits & veggies. I can't think of any truck farms around Sioux Falls, although we used to drive way across town to an occasional farmers market; but what did we buy? (As an aside, the one summer my mother had a little garden, she grew potatoes.)

Now I live in NYC, with frequent access to farmers markets that sell everything you can eat (emu eggs, purple carrots, heirloom tomatoes, you name it), wool from their own goats, meat, eggs, wheatgrass, maple syrup, honey from the beekeepers, & on & on. It's expensive, no doubt, & what would make it better would be lots more farmers growing lots more healthy food for lots more people.

Well, that isn't likely to happen, according to a piece in the Times. Here's an excerpt:
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