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Monday Quote

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away.

~ Elvis Presley 


Great line—Elvis, really? According to Father Google, yeah. I think freedom is the same way. No matter how oppressed people are, at some point they revolt. Maybe because they have nothing to lose, maybe they suddenly have had enough, who knows. Sleepy day, if I have further thoughts I'll have to add 'em later. I invite my loyal reader(s?!?) to explicate...

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3 kings

My friend Bob, whose birthday is today, notes that he shares it with Madonna, but is more interested in pointing out that August 16 was the day three kings died:

* Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues Singers
* Babe Ruth, Sultan of Swat
* Elvis Presley, King of Rock & Roll, or simply The King. Which makes me remember that Barbara Barg (who's from Arkansas) wanted to make a t-shirt with his picture & "I speak the King's English."  Read More 
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