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"One (1) rider per bug"

Insect love.
There weren't a lot of adults on the Bug Carousel. We were reminded of going on a carousel in D.C. a few years ago, all us siblings, a carousel that took off at such a high rate of speed that it scared/nauseated all of us. This one was way more sedate. You can't see it but I'm on a grasshopper & Vee on a, well, some other bug.  Read More 
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Bronx Zoo

The grand 1899 Bronx Zoo.
I'd never been to the Bronx Zoo. Wasn't so sure I wanted to, but my visiting sister did, so up we went. Wow, the best park in New York City. Gorgeous grounds, buildings, exhibits. (Signage, maps, & food choices, not so much.) Definitely going back.
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