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Tree wave

I leaned over Johnny to take a picture of the beach house atop the building on the corner of 1st & 1st & got something very different.
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David Bromige

Ron Silliman, one of the editors of the giant new "essential" Bromige, from afar at the reading.
I like to write about events as close as possible to when they happen, but in this case I wanted to read some of the book before I talked about the west coast (by way of England & Canada) poet David Bromige (1933-2009). I don't remember ever meeting him or hearing him read. His name was always on my radar but I'm not sure I ever read more than a poem or 2 in a magazine.

I'm making up for lost time! He's an amazing walk through every style & philosophy of contemporary poetry. A lot is better than a little so I'm not sure any excerpt can give the flavor, & that's probably why the few poems I read along the way didn't strike me much. Like Whalen or Kyger, you need immersion to appreciate his mind and impact.
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Second visit

I like this painting because of the snowman.
Not a whole lot more to say after my second visit to the Wojnarowicz show at the Whitney.

I caught more of him talking & his writings this time around. I caught the dissonance of looking out at the piers where he spent time from the giant window of a half-billion-dollar art museum. I hoped there's a young Wojnarowicz  Read More 
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Monday Quote

Johnny the other day on the roof of the Whitney.
It's the rough side of the mountain that's the easiest to climb; the smooth side doesn't have anything for you to hang on to.
~ Aretha Franklin

My smart kind funny sharp husband. I heart Johnny. It kills me how I've been in love with him for so damn long. Even when I can't stand him, I'm weak-kneed around him. Read More 
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