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When I dropped my scraps off this morning, a young woman was sitting at a table full of literature about the program—that was a first, usually it's just 3 plastic trash cans that you dump your peels & coffee grounds into.

Would you like a bag of compost? she asked.

I recoiled! No! Why would I want a bag of compost?! (Whatever that is, come to think of it.) Read More 
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Monday Quote

One can find time for everything if one is never in a hurry.
—Mikhail Bulgakov

The Master and Margarita is the favorite book of many people I know. Me, I've never read it, but I like this quote. If you find the right pace, you can do everything you want & need to, but feeling frantic makes it impossible to do much at all.  Read More 
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The Ezra Pound

When the sign was up, people would sometimes stop me when I was entering or leaving the building: Did Ezra Pound really live here? Sometimes I said yes, sometimes that I didn't know, sometimes the truth: that all the fancy buildings had names (the Van Gogh, the Dakota) & why shouldn't a tenement? We liked to say we lived at the pound.

 Read More 
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My neighborhood

1 in 6 Americans has German background: That was certainly true for my neighborhood, which was largely German until the General Slocum disaster in 1904, when hundreds of people on an East River holiday boat died. The decimated community scattered. One remnant is the Ottendorfer Library, the oldest branch library in Manhattan and one of the first buildings constructed specifically to be a library. It's next door to the German Dispensary, now the Stuyvesant Poly-clinic, known for the busts of famous Germans. The neighborhood

The text of the plaque:  Read More 
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Things that are inedible at home are delicious at work.

I wish I could tell you why these "mini crunch bars" are so awful. Maybe just because they are far too crunchy? Nothing like worrying you'll break a tooth to dampen one's pleasure.

Which makes me think about the time years ago when I was editing fiction for Woman's World & someone submitted a story with the line: "it only served to wet my appetite, which was already damp." Read More 
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