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Rainy Thursday

Gonna start my tea, hang up my gi, read a little WC* ... no, that's not today's poem, just singin' on my way to my desk to say I saw a lady cardinal on the curb a few doors down; adding to the pleasure was pointing it out to a passerby, who mirrored my  Read More 
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This year it stands for National Poetry Writing Month. I don't have a quick novel in me this year but I do have a poem a day, although Zacks says every day is PoWri day, yoyo. Yesterday I was rapturous at spotting a raptor (they have two foveas, that's why an eagle is "eagle-eyed")  Read More 
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Summer in November

So great that the coffee shop was too crowded for 3 of us, so we walked a block or 2 to Union Square & sat outside on a 76° day. And far across the park, David said, Look, a raptor! And when it dropped near us he knew it was an osprey not a hawk. A good meeting AND I saw an osprey. A productive & pleasant morning.  Read More 
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The Tompkins Square Poems IV

4. I Can’t Have Thoughts

I can only try to keep my loved ones alive
& sit outside on a summer bench
& be amazed at knowing so many people
with darkling eyes

The plane that didn’t crash & the one that did.
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Pet Peeve V

I know a lot of people who make a point of articulating things they are grateful for. I myself make a list every morning & it invariably improves my mood. It occurs to me that expressing our thanks should be part of that exercise.

I recently did favors for a couple of people, who both neglected  Read More 
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