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On 5th Street

Gradually being won over to the charms of photography. So quick & descriptive. Do I want to write a poem about this woman & her window boxes, and how long she was in taking them in & bringing them back, and wondering who that bust represents, & how much rent does she pay, & assuming she's in an unrenovated apartment where she raised at least a couple of kids, & how tight-quartered it was then & how roomy it is now, & she even has a cellphone & facebook account, & sometimes it seems so much easier & sometimes it was so much better then, & how soon I'll be her except with a cat not plants.  Read More 
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The three of them were walking in front of me on 6th Street this morning, and I couldn't help but notice they had the exact same bodies. That's how I was sure it was a mother and daughters, not a nanny and charges. I was trying to take this photo surreptitiously as well as in the bright sun and with them walking away, so maybe it's not as striking here as it was to me.

Also, same coats. Read More 
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Another picture of Johnny

Here he is being a good sport at a family (mine) event
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Happy birthday

Johnny & Buster
to the love of my life (Johnny, although I'm pretty fond of the cat)
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Art in the park

I had forgotten that I could go outside & sit on a bench—ah, Spring!

This is in Madison Square Park, & I could hear people delivering lectures but I didn't feel like finding out the point of these low-lying water towers. I guess I don't want to learn that yet another piece of New York has become history.

Happy Passover! (Back on Thursday.)  Read More 
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Diving catch
Not Graig, who I once described as seeing "more horizontal than vertical," in reference to his terrific ability at 3rd base, but which garnered some eyebrow action.

No, I've been drinking nettle tea all afternoon & feel miraculously much better. Allergies be gone!
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Soporific is terrific

Is it spring making me so sleepy? Or was it editing, working out, shopping, writing a condolence card, looking up the fares to Spartanburg, talking to the accountant? I bought my Passover plate (2), bowl & spoon at Crate & Barrell, & lots of food at Holyland, where I got the first chag sameach of the season. Now I'm going to go talk art with my friend & neighbor.  Read More 
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Too clever by half*

I heard about the terrible computer virus Heartbleed & changed my passwords at work, including for email, credit card, Facebook. Then I emailed the new passwords to myself.

* A saying of my grandfather, Charles John Phillips, who died when my mother was a girl. Even though he was known as Jack, the descendants who are named for him are all Charlies: Uncle Charlie, my brother Charlie, cousin Charlie ("Cha"). We do have a Jack & a Jackson a couple of generations later.  Read More 
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On the bus

Pleasant on a spring day to take the bus & not the subway to my meeting in midtown. I'm dressed nicely & feeling professional, going in to talk about a project I already have agreed to do—don't have to sell myself, I've worked with these people before. When I wrote the poem below, it was long before you could take a photo with your phone. The poem was the photo. Better? Worse? Easier? Lamer?

On the Bus

As much sky tonight in NYC as buildings
along First Ave
on the bus
I’m overcome  Read More 
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Donna Leon

I wait & wait for a new one, & then it's gone in a day. By Its Cover is one of her best, with its look into the world of book thieves & book lovers, set in Venice.
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