When I was fearless

May 12, 2017

The freedom now desired by many is not freedom to do & dare but freedom from cares & worry. —John Truslow Adams

I've been pondering this. While I am sure he means it generationally ("now"), I think as I've gotten older I've gone from do & dare to cares & worry. Just as I can't really remember those days "when all the boys wanted to sleep with me," I can't remember being the girl who hitchhiked all over the country by herself, or who moved to New York City with $100, a paper sack of clothes & no friends or skills. Why was it possible to move to NYC like that, but impossible to go away for the weekend without more planning & more stuff?

Did I use up my bravery? Or is it that the impossible seems plausible when you don't have an alternative? I don't actually know.