A year of ups & downs

September 28, 2016

Talking to Pam sent me to an old notebook from those days. This is the first thing I found.
Three-quarters of the way through 2016 & I often feel like a person with one foot in the oven & the other in the freezer: on average I'm comfortable.

People I loved suffered, recovered, died. The loved ones of people I love suffered, died, recovered.

A short-fingered vulgarian is running for president. So is a woman I admire with all my might.

Two long-lost friends turned up, one from the House & the other, just today, my first and only college roommate, Pam. She left school after our first year to get married, so I might have been her only roommate too. We lost touch the way people do (or did before your cell number was for life) & we found each other how people do (Facebook). Pam was great—always fun & up for things: "Every time I hear about Iowa I think about that crazy trip we took in the middle of winter, and how I told my mother, yes, I had money with me - I had $5 in my pocket!" And I remembered that I went with her family once to their cabin in Au Gray, Michigan, & they told me Au Gray was French for stomachache. We were babies and now we aren't but we are going to make up for lost time.