Hey astrology peeps

April 5, 2016

What goes retrograde & messes everything up? Mercury, right? The moon?

Well, today was wack! Or whack! Which is it? (See what I mean?)

My day included a misdelivered package that I had to track down the UPS guy to get, which took 4 phone calls & a run down to 3rd St. I lost 2 socks in the laundry. There were work miscommunications

Then someone was telling a story in the lockerroom about being a "weirdo magnet" & when she said, "The guy on the train said, 'F you, F you,'" I asked if that's what he had really said.

"Yes! 'F you!'" she repeated.

"Wow, that's pretty mild cussing for a crazy person on the subway," I said, a little enamored, truth be told, that he was protecting her delicate ears while ranting about the indignities of NYC.

She looked annoyed. "I don't curse," she said. "He said what you think he said."