December 17, 2015

That would be me. I got a popup warning on Safari that I couldn't click out of so I called the (toll-free!) number on the screen. After 40 minutes of "diagnosing" my computer's ills—no security! high risk! needs cleanup!—the "certified Apple technician" asked for $215 to fix everything.

At that point, finally, I saw the light & got off the phone. Then I called Apple & they were reassuring, walked me through a couple of things, & said everything was fine.

I wonder, had I given the first folks my credit card number, if they would have done nothing or actively found all my information & stolen my identity (& worse!). I do feel like a fool & can only hope lovely Shai from Apple is correct that no harm has been done.

Also, happy birthday to Ford Madox Ford.


  1. December 22, 2015 12:36 PM EST
    who else do I know who would mark Ford Madox Ford's b'day...and point out the humor in the snow globe warning, and make me realize that I too wouldn't dig them as much if they were "picture shakers" your basic brilliance kid, always...hey to Johnny...
    - lally