November 15, 2018

First snow, NYC, 11/15/18. It's still coming down!
It's been summer so long that I didn't really expect we would have much snow today, or snow that stuck. But hallelujah!

I'd be happier if my teeth weren't falling out of my head but the snow makes up for it, pretty much.

Farewell, South Carolina

November 14, 2018

Monday, as we drove from the mountains of western North Carolina to Asheville and down to Spartanburg, we had rain that felt tropical in its copious intensity.
I'm glad to be home but part of me stays in Spartanburg. I suppose because not much seems to change there, it always feels like I was just there and/or am still there. I know many people besides Steve & I like feeling welcomed into the community. Although I have to say, it was shocking to hear people's childhood stories about segregated drinking fountains (etcetera). Was Sioux Falls really as bland as I remember, or is it because it was 99% white, so we didn't have to have Jim Crow. We would have—no reason to think we were any better, just different in our circumstances.

New poem

November 13, 2018

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Four talked about baseball. One quoted stats, streaks, and dynasties. One considered the effect of stadium construction on local communities. One slapped on a mustache & reenacted "Casey at the Bat." One picked up a bat and hit the ball out of the park.

(after Dan Pagis)

Monday Quote

November 12, 2018

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We are all writing God's poem.
~ Anne Sexton

If today is God's poem, God was definitely challenging Noah. My goodness, how it rained!

World War I

November 11, 2018

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WWI ended 100 years ago today. My mother was born a few years later, as I was born a few years after WWII. Does WWI seem almost present, as WWII does to me? Does Tara, born 6 or 7 years after Vietnam, feel like it's almost in memory, almost connected to her? And so it goes—the wars of our lifetimes, the wars of our parents' lifetimes, the wars so distantly past that it's hard to believe real people suffered and died.

Dinner with two Vietnam-era vets. Forrister says it was his job, no reason to thank him. Willis says he didn't want to be there or do that, less than no reason to mention it. Well, half-off at the restaurant seemed reason enough to me.

South Carolina 2018 III

November 9, 2018

Water Heron Rock

Rock standing still
looks no closer
than water rushing

a great blue heron
intent on dinner
ignoring our desire
that it spread

shadow wing
mushy leaves

mill ruin
dog path
Carolina wedge
of not-quite-cloudy sky

South Carolina 2018 II

November 8, 2018

Great blue heron on Lawson's Fork.
I remember as a very little kid having a Swamp Fox coloring book—I don't think I knew where South Carolina was or what was there, but I felt its allure from afar long before I ever visited.

Today we walked along Lawson's Fork, a pretty fast-moving creek that hooks into the Pacolet River. There are the ruins of mills, a labyrinth created by the Wofford College philosophy program, benches where we sat quietly & listened to the water. The dogs ran.

South Carolina 2018 I

November 7, 2018

So happy to be back—always as though no time has passed. The garden is a little more stately, the dogs are a little less frisky, Steve has a new car... life goes on but the essence is as it has been since I first came here in 1971. I had never been South before, never seen houses in the woods, or mills, or azaleas, or hushpuppies, or...... I fell in love & stayed there.

Wayne Padgett's first cigarette

November 6, 2018

Joe Brainard.
"That was not only Wayne's first cigarette, it was his last. Praise God almighty!" says Ron.

Monday Quote

November 5, 2018

Tags: Mary Wollstonecraft

No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.
~ Mary Wollstonecraft

Is that true or a naive wish? Does it make any difference in the effect of those choices? Right now it is hard not to believe the "alt-right" haters are, well, evil, and want to be evil. They mistake murder for protecting their way of life? What way of life is worth murder?