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Jeg snakker norsk!

Stave church in Norway, which I learned about from my language course.
Well, it's not so much that I speak Norwegian as that I am learning Norwegian. It was a random thing, as my sister turned me on to the terrific language app DuoLingo, and I lit on Norwegian. I can almost read a thriller in Norwegian so it's working. And thrilling.

You can really see the Anglo-Saxon roots of (connection to?) English in it, with many similar words, like hus/house.

I did study some Old English not long ago. Read More 
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Very excited to start our new read-aloud long poem: The Canterbury Tales. Johnny has resisted because I want to read it in Middle English and he prefers modern English. We finally figured out a compromise: his turn, it's the Neville Coghill translation, while I'm stumbling through the original. In a day or 2, I'll be sailing along; Middle English is English.


A Canterbury Tale is a great film, though nothing to do with Chaucer.

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