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It's the big one!

Johnny's way of changing the subject used to be to clutch his chest & wince out: It's the big one.My big one is rolling the odometer over to 100,000... well, a zero at the end anyway. Should I say it? Can I? Yep, 70 I am. It's weird to think about that as an age that I could be but it's great in reality. A whole new decade to explore. Yes! 


The best thing about being 70 is having friends that I've had for 40 or 50 years. So many people that I've known & loved a long time. So many inside jokes, trips, laughs, calamities, surprises..... 


When I was 20, I had never been to New York (or any city) & was living here when I was 30. 

When I was 30, I barely knew Johnny Stanton & was married to him by the time I was 40. 

At 40, I wasn't involved in Jewish life & by 50 I had learned to chant Hebrew & had an adult bat mitzvah. 

When I was 50, it never crossed my mind to do martial arts & by 60 I had earned a black belt in karate. 

At 60 I was happily monolingual & now I can speak Norwegian. 

Of course I'm excited to find out what I'll be doing or have done in 10 years that isn't even on my radar now. 

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