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An encounter

I bought citronella essential oil yesterday at Dual Specialty for our new humidifier. Digression to say how fantastic it is, with a huge tank & even a night light. We both lie in bed watching the mist. 


The oil was $7.61 & I pulled out a handful of change + a $20. The clerk asked if I had 2 singles. I don't think so, I said, & a young man behind me said, I do! & handed them over instantly. 


Huh? I was so surprised that I don't remember if I thanked him. You'll get it back, I said, vaguely thinking about him paying next... 


Yes, I will! the young man said confidently. 


What did I look like to him? Someone poor, because I was counting out change? An old white lady whose assumptions about young Black men he could upend for 2 bucks?


Or was he someone who felt like doing a good deed? Someone in a hurry making it quick for everyone? Simply an impulse? 


Thank you! I did manage to say as I left. 

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