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Sleepy Sunday

Did I do the laundry, go to class, go shopping? Nope & we have no food in the house except cheese, so I should at least have managed that. However, I did set up our new humidifier. Why'd you pick this one, Johnny? It's the only one they had. Great reasoning! Watched a bunch of episodes of my current Norwegian-language show (Stjernestøv), the fourth "advent calendar" show I've watched this winter. They are kids' shows of 24 episodes, usually with some magic or fantasy, a kid who gets stuck in a different land, a Norwegian kid at the North Pole or a girl from the North Star in Norway. The plots & language are simple enough for me & they're fun. Sleepy but I like this leisurely pace. And I didn't have to go to an "experimental Ukrainian opera," which sounds like less of a good time than a ~ well, I can't actually think of a cultural event I would probably like less.

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