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College bound?

This is me not long after I left college for the last time, in 1980. And now I'm thinking of going back.


I'm not sure why, maybe because I discovered I have more credits than I thought. I've always said I didn't go to college, but it turns out I did & have almost enough credits for a BA. I spoke with a counselor from City University today about the process of reentering & it seems doable. I'd been at City College, which is part of CUNY (the City University of NY). It wasn't my first school. 


As I said, I'm not sure why. I've gotten along fine without a degree so it's definitely not for job opportunities & I've never had the something-left-undone nag I know many people feel. Maybe I need a challenge? Maybe I'm curious ~ has everything changed in education since I was a student? A little bit of me likes the idea of being a very old graduate: not record-breakingly ancient but up there.


I think I want them to hand me a degree for a life well lived. 




We shall see. 

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