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In the neighborhood: Clouds

Happy to be able to be outdoors without drowning. A break in the apocalyptic weather of the last several months. Lifetimes. 


And by the way, talking about the weather is not just idle chatter, according to The Economist

Lnguists call that crucial "hello" talk "phatic". Bronislaw Malinowski, who coined the term in the 1920s, explained that in phatic talk "ties of union are created by a mere exchange of words." If you know literally nothing about someone you can still safely presume they prefer sun to rain, and begin to establish a connection on that basis. If your bus or train is suddenly stuck, an even better opportunity arises. You can be sure your fellow passengers are not happy about it, and a shared grousing session makes them—and you—feel less alone with your inconvenience.


Have a nice day!

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