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From the vault

After spending 5 months cleaning my house, I found a corner I hadn't touched ~ for almost 20 years, judging by the half dozen magazines that were leaning up against a wall on a shelf next to the bed. The best find in that stack was an assignment from a class at City College circa 1980 that I believe it was on half a dozen 19th-century writers & thinkers. I'm sure we were supposed to in some way compare one of the novelists with one of the thinkers (Dickens? Nietzsche?). My 11-page essay: "Jude the Obscure by Karl Marx." The professor called it "charming and delightful," pointed out a "similar historical sensibility in Hardy & Marx," and gave me an A. 


Side note: The paper I typed it out on is so thick I doubt it could even go through my printer, & the plastic binder is likewise a lot more heavy-duty than is available today. 

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