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Me, age 6

White picket fence & all! Wish I could still sit on my heels like this. 

It's funny when a photo you don't remember evokes what you believe about your past. That I was always a reader. That I really did grow up in Leave It to Beaversville. That I have always owned a similar shirt ~ that my tastes were fixed early on. 


I believe the other girl is named K/Cathy Koons (sp) & lived next door to us. Despite my pretty sensational haircut, at one point around this time, I took it into my head (haha) to cut my own hair. My mother was so furious that I immediately & cravenly blamed C/Kathy. I don't remember if there were Consequences. Many years later ~ I mean, maybe 5 years ago ~ I finally told my mother the truth. The little girl she had blamed & badmouthed for decades was in fact not the culprit. She rejected it utterly. K/Cathy had ruined my 6-year-old looks & would forever be the villain of my childhood. C/Kathy, wherever you are, I'm sorry! 

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