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Chances are that if you've met me more than once, I know your birthday & you know how much I love birthdays.


Although mine is first among equals, you could say. I love that it might snow on my birthday (even though it didn't). I love that 18 is an auspicious number in Hebrew numerology. I love being an Aquarius (an Aquarius dragon, no less). I love sharing it with my granddaughter, a couple of friends, & Yoko Ono, Toni Morrison, John Travolta, former Yankee shortstop Didi Gregorius & many others.


It turns out I also share my birthday with two serial killers, & this year got a couple of pieces of bad news, so my birthday wasn't feeling so wonderful. But then I got calls & Facebook greetings & texts & exploding online cakes, & I remembered how great it is to have a birthday. I kind of love everybody's birthday & I know I love that everyone has one. As I've said before, you can't be so rich you can get more than one, or so poor you have to sell yours off. You can't buy a better birthday or be forced to fall back to a worse (looking at you January 2). The great democracy of the birthday. 


Right now I'm feeling a little bereft that every single person in the world will have a birthday before I get one again. 


Why yes, I am a big baby, why do you ask?

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