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Bard kinetic at the Algonquin

The charming Cedar Sigo. 

Book party at the Algonquin for Anne Waldman's latest book, Bard, Kinetic, a book of memoir, essays, letters, poems, and interviews that celebrates her life & work. Karen Weiser & Anne read from letters they'd exchanged, Cedar Sigo read a few lovely works, some musicians whose names I didn't catch performed, said hello to lots of friends, & a bunch of us ate fries & ice cream afterwards at the fancy lobby restaurant. I'd been to the Algonquin ages ago but still fun to get out of my downtown routine & see what goes on up there. 


Andrei, Greg & I wrote a collaborative masterpiece passing Greg's notebook back & forth. Good luck typing it up, Greg, given Andrei's impenetrable handwriting. Crocodile? No, terrorist. Oh, Andrei.


Haven't dipped into the book enough to say anything about it.

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