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Spiritual sounds

A group from the Catholic Worker playing at Holy Virgin Protection Russian Orthodox Cathedral on 2nd Street.

This was the 14th year of a concert from several local faith communities. I've been to several & they're always great. The gospel choir from Middle Collegiate, the anarchists of the Catholic Worker, the synagogue choir from T&V, & the imam chanting from the Koran were on the program this year.


For many years I regularly saw a woman on my block who looked very much like an English teacher from my high school. Did Miss Nuffer move from South Dakota to the East Village? I did, why not her? Nope ~ I found her obiturary, still in Sioux Falls, where she died in 2007 at age 90. A few years ago I stopped seeing the Muriel Nuffer impersonator & assumed she'd retired, moved, or passed away. And then, at the concert, there she was. I went up to her afterwards: You don't know me but I noticed you for years, you looked so much like blah blah blah. Turns out her name is Terri & she lives around the corner from me on 1st St. She did retire, which is why I stopped seeing her on First Ave. She told me she was happy I had spoken to her, glad to be noticed, I assume. So many people we see in passing, never acknowledged but known nonetheless. A faint but tight bond that makes this a neighborhood. 

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