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In the neighborhood

Another lunch at Hub Thai, my current favorite place, where I finally managed to order something other than Drunken Noodles with mock duck: I got Pad Se Ew with vegetables & it might have been even better ... A walk to the market without buying anything ... Being patronized by a young person at the bank, who explained that Monday through Friday meant that if I called on Saturday no one would be there; I half-think I might have been the first person to ever ask him anything & he was simply excited ... Throwing out a space heater & a chair ... Mystified (as usual) by Kaicho's meditation lecture: a thief runs out of (into?) a mountain & we should be proud of ourselves; it made me think of the old country song "Miller's Cave": there's a big old whole in Tiger Mountain - god help the man who gets lost in Miller's cave" ... Getting my laundry done ... Reading, reading, reading ... This really makes me like my life. I'm leaving out as much as is crossing my mind. 

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