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A few things I think I forgot to mention

* We saw the Hopper show at the Whitney last week. I like being a member because we could stay for as exactly as long as we felt like, knowing we can go back & see the rest of the (incredible! wonderful!) art whenever we want. 

* There was the annual party for December birthdays among the poets. As Angela Thirkell (I think it was) once said, the best parties are when you see the people you like most, a little more cleaned up. And with cake. 

* It's not going to snow anytime soon. Sioux Falls has had snow on 60% of the last 80 Christmases. For New York City it's 21%. You can look up the stats for anywhere at this fun WaPo interactive map.

* Today is the YAI holiday party at the dojo. We (mostly Sensai Carol) contrived karate to the 12 days of Christmas. I laughed so hard when we were practicing it that I fell over. 

* My office is back in the cleaning spotlight & I'm getting rid of things. Including 6 (so far) books. 

* Late breakfast with two of my grandkids. Man, they are all so smart & nice & together. 

* Every time I do my laundry I feel like I don't have to do anything else that day. It also galvanizes me to do lots. 


And now I have to take home the laundry & go to karate.

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