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Hippos of New York

Seen at Pershing Square Plaza (Park Avenue, the block south of 42nd).

Totally fun to go to Midtown this afternoon. First Maggie & I had lunch at a gluten-free vegan BBQ joint on Lex & 24th called Pure Grit. It was good! Ever so slightly reminiscent of my beloved meat & 3s of the South.


Then I walked up to the Stavros Niarchos (nee Mid-Manhattan) library for some Norwegian-language DVDs & on to a meeting with a lawyer about getting our wills prepared. (He's great, hit me up if you need a NY recommendation.)


Then a block to Grand Central through this casual display of public art. I guess lots of people must still be working from home, because Grand Central, at 4 on a Friday afternoon, wasn't crowded, nor were the trains. Lovely warm day, everyone chill, I'd almost forgotten the pleasures of other parts of town.

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